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Welcome to my page on Wikipedia. Feel free to ask me stuff.

Interests and hobbies[edit]

The atmosphere of fantasy worlds and fairy tales keeps fascinating me.
I love music that affects me and makes me experience a feeling I enjoy - feelings such as energy, melancholy and fascination. I find that I'm affected by both rhythm, harmony (vastly minor chords), melody and instrumental/vocal skills. I can find songs I like in almost all musical genres but worth mentioning are film music/video game music, funk and modern-day music of Japan. Other than that, I regularly consume salsa, hip hop, rock, pop, metal, classical and brazilian music, to mention a few.
Dancing was a way for me to combine my love for music with my interest in physical movement. I'm very interested in many forms of street dance, such as popping, locking, breaking and hip hop new style. I've also been dancing salsa for many years, some international Latin ballroom and a little tango.
Few things are as engaging to me as thinking and philosophy. The universe, nature, politics, psychology and the inner-workings of humans can absorb my attention and devour my waking hours in no time. In my thinking, I prefer logic, science and simplicity, though I accept that there are things we do not know and that true spirituality and the supernatural might exist. I'd be more than happy if they did, but I cannot assume it until I see proof. Some specific subjects that keep returning to my mind are the meaning of life, pacifism, intellectual property, feminism, emotions and emotional intelligence. I'm more afraid of ignorance and stagnation than I am of admitting that I was wrong.
Chinese martial arts 
I have always been fascinated by martial arts. Not its means of causing harm but its technical complexity and the beauty of the physical artforms that have come to surround most Asian martial arts. I have taken lessons in Shaolin kung fu and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, and are interested in the development of contemporary wushu.
Computer and video games 
Throughout my youth I've been involved with various forms of digital games and interactive stories. I've always been enchanted by the atmosphere of role-playing- and adventure games, the skill and action connected to first-person shooters and the social possibilities of online gaming. I've also been a devoted player of music video games, such as Dance Dance Revolution, DrumMania and Guitar Hero. Lately, I've become increasingly interested in understanding game addiction, the use of violence in video games and many other video game controversies.
Anime and manga 
I seldom have time to read whole books or watch full-length movies, but I've grown to like the Japanese animation style known as anime. Most films by Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli have given me wonderful moments, and I'm easily inspired by action anime and manga with a pacifistic message, such as Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin.
Other than that... 
I'm quite interested in nutrition and physical exercise in general, and I've always been entranced by fantasy stories, folklore and fairy tales. Over the years I've realized that my interests change constantly and that they can be quite intense at times, just to switch to something completely different the next day. But I like it that way, as long as I don't get stuck in perfectionism, which happens occasionally against my will.


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I consider Wikipedia to be the overall best website in the history of Internet. It's a joy to see all this knowledge being gathered into one place that is available for everyone to see, to witness how it's constantly growing, and to even be able to contribute to it myself. This is a fine example of freedom and trust at its best and is in my opinion a great example of a working relationship between a large complex system and the people who use it. It proves that openness is effective as it automatically gives authority to people who're genuinely interested in the system or a specific part of it. I'd like to see a government that operates in similar ways.

Wikipedia is the first website that I have donated money to. If you haven't already, you should do the same.

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