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User:Woilorio My interests generally tend to everything about our big globe and things beyond. [i.e., I mainly peruse geographical and historical subjects but I am not limited to those.]

While I possess estimable academic grounding, my main self-appointed "mission" in Wiki-land is simply to help out by the occasional minor grammatical correction. Grammatica and geographica. Cognizant of the multitude of variations of English around the globe, I try to leave "variation" unless there is a real risk to Clarity. Geographica is a perspective unfamiliar to those who don't assiduously study maps like I do. Maps, especially the species that National Geographic used to produce, are rigorous graphic accounts of encyclopedically-useful spatial relations. Plus, sometimes, you come across 'geographical misstatements' that any sober, long-standing acquaintance with a locality would feel bound to correct. So I do.

I am also intent on learning about how Wikipedia works as an interesting subject in its own right.

I am based in central California, USA.

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