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Wolf of Fenric is a member of Wikipedia's project on Doctor Who. He contributes to Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures articles. For clarity's sake, he has seen the majority of surviving First Doctor and Second Doctor material and all televised Doctor Who stories from The War Games onwards, mostly at the time of first broadcast on BBC One since Dimensions in Time in 1993. He has also seen the K-9 and Company pilot, A Girl's Best Friend, and all Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes broadcast so far.


DoctorWho-Barnstar2.png The WikiProject Doctor Who Award
Wow - what an amazing amount of work done for the DW WikiProject! You have clearly shown hard work and dedication, so I think you deserve this. I, Michael Holloway, of sound mind and body, hereby award you with the Doctor Who WikiProject Barnstar - Weebiloobil (talk) 11:26, 30 December 2007 (UTC)
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UNIT personnel; Mr. Blue Sky; Simon Greenall; Fernanda Marlowe; John Acheson; Chu Omambala; Nina Sosanya; Abdul Salis; Mat Irvine; Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive; Director's Commentary; Cruise of the Gods; Sweet Revenge; Dominic Holland; Sharon Horgan; Curtis Walker; The Complete Guide to Parenting; Ianto Jones; Rhys Williams; Kai Owen; Rufus Hound; Nisha Nayar; Kelsey Harper; T.S.J.A. monsters and aliens; T.S.J.A. minor characters; Doctor Who henchmen; Anna Hope; Tish Jones; Francine Jones; Leo Jones; Clive Jones; Music in Doctor Who; Professor Edward Travers; Alpha Centauri; Category:Recurring characters in Doctor Who


Alpha Centauri; Bambera; Professor Travers; Tish Jones; Francine Jones; Clive Jones; Leo Jones; Adeola Oshodi; Sergeant Mike Smith; Marn; Gatherer Hade; The Collector; Corporal Bell; Novice Hame; Mrs Wormwood; The Edge of Destruction; The Keys of Marinus; The Space Pirates; Evolution of the Daleks; Lesley; Alan Jackson; K-9 Mark IV; Davey; Clyde Langer; Bane Mother; Bane; Butterfly Person; Chrissie Jackson; Davey in his natural form

Contributions on Wikipedia include entries on the following pages:[edit]

Doctor Who stories:[edit]

First Doctor[edit]

Season 1 (1963 – 1964):[edit]
Season 2 (1964 – 1965):[edit]
Season 3 (1965 – 1966):[edit]
Season 4 (1966 – 1967):[edit]

Second Doctor[edit]

Season 5 (1967 – 1968):[edit]
Season 6 (1968 – 1969):[edit]

Third Doctor[edit]

Season 7 (1970):[edit]
Season 8 (1971):[edit]
Season 9 (1972):[edit]
Season 10 (1972 – 1973):[edit]
Season 11 (1973 – 1974):[edit]

Fourth Doctor[edit]

Season 12 (1974 – 1975):[edit]
Season 13 (1975 – 1976):[edit]
Season 14 (1976 – 1977):[edit]
Season 15 (1977 – 1978):[edit]
Season 16 (1978 – 1979):[edit]
Season 17 (1979 – 1980):[edit]
Season 18 (1980 – 1981):[edit]

Fifth Doctor[edit]

Season 19 (1982):[edit]
Season 20 (1983):[edit]
Season 21 (1984):[edit]

Sixth Doctor[edit]

Season 22 (1985):[edit]
Season 23 (1986):[edit]

Seventh Doctor[edit]

Season 24 (1987):[edit]
Season 25 (1988 – 1989):[edit]
Season 26 (1989):[edit]
Children in Need (1993):[edit]

Eighth Doctor[edit]

Ninth Doctor[edit]

Series 1 (2005):[edit]

Tenth Doctor[edit]

Series 2 (2006):[edit]
Series 3 (2007):[edit]

K-9 and Company (1981):[edit]

Torchwood episodes:[edit]

Series 1 (2006 – 2007):[edit]

The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes:[edit]

Series 1 (2007):[edit]

Star Trek: Enterprise episodes:[edit]


Original Entries:[edit]

List of Doctor Who villains[edit]

List of Doctor Who henchmen[edit]

List of Doctor Who monsters and aliens[edit]

List of Doctor Who planets[edit]

List of Torchwood minor characters[edit]

List of The Sarah Jane Adventures monsters and aliens[edit]

List of The Sarah Jane Adventures minor characters[edit]