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This is a list of fictional spacecraft, starships, and exo-atmospheric vessels that have been identified by name in published works of fiction (novels, films, television series, etc). This list does not include most ships from Star Wars or Star Trek due to space constraints; please check the links included at the bottom of the page for ships from those properties.

Small craft[edit]


  • Ajax- Imperial War Rocket- Flash Gordon (film), 1980
  • Convair Space Shuttle - Revell kit 1958
  • Gekko-Go, aka Moonlight - Eureka Seven
  • Hammerhead Mk 1 - 2063 USMC space/atmosphere fighter - Space: Above and Beyond series, 1995
  • Trans Space Lines Passenger Rocket - suborbital - Monogram kit 1959
  • Tsien Spaceplane - China-derived from V-2, ten passengers - 1949 & 1978
  • VentureStar - cancelled spaceplane resurrected in John Varley 's Red Thunder (novel)





Military & exploration[edit]

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Transportation, freight, or colonization[edit]

Personal spacecraft[edit]

Space Stations[edit]

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