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Here's a list to add: from American Cookery by Amelia Simmons

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  1. How to choose Flesh_.
  2. Mutton, grass-fed, is good two or three years old.
  3. Lamb, if under six months is rich, and no danger of imposition; it
  4. Veal_, is soon lost--great care therefore is necessary in purchasing.
  5. Pork_, is known by its size, and whether properly fattened by its
  6. To make the best Bacon_.
  7. Fish, how to choose the best in market_.
  8. Salmon_, the noblest and richest fish taken in fresh water--the
  9. Shad_, contrary to the generally received opinion are not so much
  10. Perch and Roach_, are noble pan fish, the deeper the water from
  11. Eels_, though taken from muddy bottoms, are best to jump in the pan.
  12. Poultry--how to choose_.
  13. Hen Turkey_, is higher and richer flavor'd, easier fattened and
  14. Dunghill Fowls_, are from their frequent use, a tolerable proof of
  15. Chickens_, of either kind are good, and the yellow leg'd the best,
  16. Capons_, if young are good, are known by short spurs and smooth legs.
  17. [[A Goose_, if young, the bill will be yellow, and will have but few
  18. Ducks_, are similar to geese.
  19. Wild Ducks_, have redder pads, and smaller than the tame ones,
  20. Wood Cocks_, ought to be thick, fat and flesh firm, the nose dry, and
  21. Snipes_, if young and fat, have full veins under the wing, and are
  22. Partridges_, if young, will have black bills, yellowish legs; if old,
  23. Pigeons_, young, have light red legs, and the flesh of a colour, and
  24. Hares_, are white flesh'd and flexible when new and fresh kill'd; if
  25. Leveret_, is like the Hare in every respect, that some are obliged to
  26. Rabbits_, the wild are the best, either are good and tender; if old
  27. Butter_--Tight, waxy, yellow Butter is better than white or crumbly,
  28. Cheese_--The red smooth moist coated, and tight pressed, square edged
  29. Eggs_--Clear, thin shell'd, longest oval and sharp ends are best; to
  30. Potatoes_, take rank for universal use, profit and easy acquirement.
  31. Seed Ball_, which grows on the tine. The manner of their managing it
  32. Onions_--The Madeira white is best in market, esteemed softer
  33. Beets_, grow on any ground, but best on loom, or light gravel
  34. Parsnips_, are a valuable root, cultivated best in rich old grounds,
  35. Carrots_, are managed as it respects plowing and rich ground,
  36. Garlicks_, tho' used by the French, are better adapted to the uses of
  37. Asparagus_--The mode of cultivation belongs to gardening; your
  38. Parsley_, of the three kinds, the thickest and branchiest is the
  39. Raddish_, _Salmon_ coloured is the best, _purple_ next
  40. Artichokes_--The Jerusalem is best, are cultivated like potatoes,
  41. Horse Raddish_, once in the garden, can scarcely ever be totally
  42. Cucumbers_, are of many kinds; the prickly is best for pickles, but
  43. Melons_--The Water Melons is cultivated on sandy soils only, above
  44. Muskmelons_, are various, the rough skinned is best to eat; the
  45. Lettuce_, is of various kinds; the purple spotted leaf is generally
  46. Cabbage_, requires a page, they are so multifarious. Note, all
  47. The Low Dutch_, only will do in old gardens.
  48. The Yellow Savoy_, takes next rank, but will not last so long; all
  49. [[BEANS._
  50. [[The Clabboard Bean_, is easiest cultivated and collected, are good
  51. [[The Windsor Bean_, is an earlier, good string, or shell Bean.
  52. Crambury Bean_, is rich, but not universally approved equal to the
  53. Frost Bean_, is good only to shell.
  54. Six Weeks Bean_, is a yellowish Bean, and early bro't forward, and
  55. Lazy Bean_, is tough, and needs no pole.
  56. English Bean_, what _they_ denominate the _Horse Bean_, is mealy when
  57. [[The small White Bean_, is best for winter use, and excellent.
  58. Calivanse_, are run out, a yellow small bush, a black speck or eye,
  59. [[Peas_--_Green Peas._
  60. [[The Crown Imperial_, takes rank in point of flavor, they blossom,
  61. [[The Crown Pea_, is second in richness of flavor.
  62. [[The Rondeheval_, is large and bitterish.
  63. Early Carlton_, is produced first in the season--good.
  64. Marrow Fats_, green, yellow, and is large, easily cultivated, not
  65. Sugar Pea_, needs no bush, the pods are tender and good to eat,
  66. Spanish Manratto_, is a rich Pea, requires a strong high bush.
  67. [[Herbs, useful in Cookery._
  68. Thyme_, is good in soups and stuffings.
  69. Sweet Marjoram_, is used in Turkeys.
  70. Summer Savory_, ditto, and in Sausages and salted Beef, and legs of
  71. Sage_, is used in Cheese and Pork, but not generally approved.
  72. Parsley_, good in _soups_, and to _garnish roast Beef_, excellent
  73. Penny Royal_, is a high aromatic, altho' a spontaneous herb in old
  74. Sweet Thyme_, is most useful and best approved in cookery.
  75. [[FRUITS._
  76. Pears_, There are many different kinds; but the large Bell Pear,
  77. Hard Winter Pear_, are innumerable in their qualities, are good in
  78. [[Harvest_ and _Summer Pear_ are a tolerable desert, are much improved
  79. Apples_, are still more various, yet rigidly retain their own
  80. Currants_, are easily grown from shoots trimmed off from old bunches,
  81. Black Currants_, may be cultivated--but until they can be dryed, and
  82. [[Grapes_, are natural to the climate; grow spontaneously in every
  83. [[RECEIPTS._
  84. [[To Roast Beef._
  85. Roast Mutton._
  86. Roast Veal._
  87. Roast Lamb._
  88. [[To stuff a Turkey._
  89. Water Fowls_ require onions.
  90. [[To stuff and roast a Turkey, or Fowl._
  91. [[To stuff and roast a Goslin._
  92. [[To smother a Fowl in Oysters._
  93. [[To stuff a Leg of Veal._
  94. [[To stuff a leg of Pork to bake or roast._
  95. [[To alamode a round of Beef._
  96. [[To alamode a round_.
  97. [[To Dress a Turtle_.
  98. [[To dress a Calve's Head._ Turtle fashion.
  99. [[A Stew Pie._
  100. Minced Pies_, A Foot Pie.
  101. Tongue Pie_.
  102. Minced Pie of Beef_.
  103. [[Observations_.
  104. Apple Pie_.
  105. Currant Pies_.
  106. [[A buttered apple Pie_.
  107. [[A Rice Pudding_.
  108. [[A Nice Indian Pudding_.
  109. [[A Nice Indian Pudding_.
  110. [[A Sunderland Pudding_.
  111. [[A Whitpot_.
  112. [[A Bread Pudding_.
  113. [[A Flour Pudding_.
  114. [[A boiled Flour Pudding_.
  115. [[A Cream Almond Pudding_.
  116. [[An apple Pudding Dumplin_.
  117. [[Pears, Plumbs, &c._
  118. Potato Pudding_. Baked.
  119. Apple Pudding_.
  120. Carrot Pudding_.
  121. [[A Crookneck, or Winter Squash Pudding_.
  122. Pompkin_.
  123. Orange Pudding_.
  124. [[A Lemon Pudding_.
  125. Puff Pastes for Tarts_.
  126. [[A Paste for Sweet Meats_.
  127. Royal Paste_.
  128. Rice Custard_.
  129. [[A Rich Custard_.
  130. [[A Sick Bed Custard_.
  131. Apple Tarts_.
  132. Cranberries_.
  133. Marmalade_, laid into paste No. 1, baked gently.
  134. Apricots_, must be neither pared, cut or stoned, but put in whole,
  135. [[Orange or Lemon Tart_.
  136. Gooseberry Tart_.
  137. [[Grapes_, must be cut in two and stoned and done like a Gooseberry.
  138. [[To make a fine Syllabub from the Cow_.
  139. [[A Whipt Syllabub_.
  140. [[To make a fine Cream_.
  141. Lemon Cream_.
  142. Raspberry Cream_.
  143. Whipt Cream_.
  144. [[A Trifle_.
  145. Plumb Cake_.
  146. Plain Cake_.
  147. [[Another_.
  148. [[A rich Cake_.
  149. Potato Cake_.
  150. Johny Cake, or Hoe Cake_.
  151. Indian Slapjack_.
  152. Loaf Cakes_.
  153. [[Another_.
  154. [[Another_.
  155. [[Another_.
  156. [[Another Plain cake_.
  157. Cookies_.
  158. Molasses Gingerbread_.
  159. Gingerbread Cakes_, or butter and sugar Gingerbread.
  160. Soft Gingerbread to be baked in pans_.
  161. Butter drop do_.
  162. Gingerbread_.
  163. [[A cheap seed Cake_.
  164. Queens Cake_.
  165. Pound Cake_.
  166. [[Another (called) Pound Cake_.
  167. Soft Cakes in little pans_.
  168. [[A light Cake to bake in small cups_.
  169. Shrewsbury Cake_.
  170. Diet Bread_.
  171. Biscuit_.
  172. Butter Biscuit_.
  173. [[A Butter Drop_.
  174. [[For preserving Quinces_.
  175. [[For preserving Quinces in Loaf Sugar_.
  176. [[For preserving Strawberries_.
  177. Currants_ and _Cherries_ may be done in the same way, by adding a
  178. [[The American Citron_.
  179. [[To keep White Bullace, Pears, Plumbs, or Damsons &c. for tarts or
  180. [[To make Marmalade_.
  181. [[To preserve Mulberries whole_.
  182. [[To preserve Goosberries, Damsons, or Plumbs_
  183. [[To preserve Peaches_.
  184. [[To preserve Apricots_.
  185. [[To preserve Cherries_.
  186. [[To preserve Raspberries_.
  187. [[To preserve Currants_.
  188. [[To preserve Plumbs_.
  189. [[To keep Damsons_.
  190. [[Currant Jelly_.
  191. [[To dry Peaches_.
  192. [[To pickle or make Mangoes of Melons_.
  193. [[To pickle Barberries_.
  194. [[To pickle Cucumbers_.
  195. Alamode Beef_.
  196. [[For dressing Codfish_.
  197. [[To boil all kinds of Garden Stuff_.
  198. [[To keep Green Peas till Christmas_.
  199. [[To boil French Beans_.
  200. [[To boil broad Beans_.
  201. [[To boil green Peas_.
  202. [[To boil Asparagus_.
  203. [[To boil Cabbage_.
  204. [[For brewing Spruce Beer_.
  205. Emptins_.