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Photography Movements[edit]


Alfred Stieglitz
The Linked Ring
Henry Peach Robinson
Straight photography
The West Coast Photographic Movement
Group f/64
Ansel Adams
Edward Weston
Brett Weston
Dody Weston Thompson
Berenice Abbott
F. Holland Day
Royal Photographic Society
George Davison
Henry Van der Weyde
William Smedley-Aston
Francis Meadow Sutcliffe
Frederick H. Evans
Paul Martin
Alvin Langdon Coburn
Edward Steichen
Gertrude Käsebier
Oscar Gustave Rejlander
Sarah Choate Sears
George Eastman
Eastman Kodak
Alice Boughton
Anne Brigman
Clarence Hudson White
Paul Haviland
Robert Demachy
Constant Puyo
Mary Devens
Adolph de Meyer
Joseph Keiley
291 (art gallery)
American Abstract Artists
American Empire style
American Impressionism
American modernism
American realism
Antagonist Movement
Art in the San Francisco Bay Area (book)
Ashcan School
Bacone school
Bad Painting
Bay Area Figurative Movement
Black Artists Group
Black Arts Movement
Boston School (painting)
Brandywine School
California Art Club
California Clay Movement
California Impressionism
California Plein-Air Revival
California Tonalism
Chicago Imagists
Chicano art movement
Decorative Impressionism
Good Design
Great Road Style
Greenwich Art Society
Light and Space
Lowbrow (art movement)
Luminism (American art style)
Munich School
Nespelem (art)
New York School
Northwest School (art)
Pattern and Decoration
Pennsylvania Impressionism
Plains hide painting
Regionalism (art)
Rivington School
Stuckism in the United States
Tonal Impressionism
Tramp art
Volcano School
Washington Color School