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Did you know ...[edit]


A baked stargazy pie
French toast with bacon ice cream, maple syrup and cinammon tuille
French toast with bacon ice cream, maple syrup and cinammon tuille
A BLT sandwich on toasted bread
A BLT sandwich on toasted bread
Christian Ramsay, Lady Dalhousie
Tessie Reynolds in her rational dress
Elizabeth Randles, with her blind father
Sabrina Sidney aged 75
  1. ... that about 600 ships have been wrecked on the Doom Bar at the estuary of the River Camel on Cornwall's north coast in the past 200 years? February 8, 2009 3.4k
  2. ... that Jacques-Barthélemy Micheli du Crest created a temperature scale that used a cellar 84 feet under Paris Observatory as its base point? September 6, 2010 1.6k
  3. ... that three crew members were each given 50 "lashes with nine tails" after HMS Whiting was lost on the dangerous Doom Bar? November 28, 2010 2.6k
  4. ... that in Devon a cream tea includes a scone spread with clotted cream and topped with jam, but in Cornwall it is prepared the other way around? December 11, 2010 2.1k
  5. ... that the Cornish delicacy Stargazy pie (pictured), which includes pilchards protruding through the crust, was designed to be fun and amusing to children?January 11, 2011 23.3k!!
  6. ... that the 1991 illustrated children's book of the year, The Mousehole Cat, is based on the legend of the stargazy pie? January 12, 2011 2.6k
  7. ... that the explosion to move Antoinette, wrecked on Doom Bar, blew in all the windows in the port town of Padstow? January 13, 2011 3.5k
  8. ... that bacon ice cream (pictured) was originally created for April Fools' Day but went on to be one of Heston Blumenthal's signature dishes? January 25, 2011 21.2k!!
  9. ... that squab pies, which Charles Dickens said inspired "hatred of the whole human race", are not actually made with squabs? January 25, 2011 6.3k
  10. ... that high autumn pork prices are blamed on Americans eating so many BLTs (pictured) during the summer? February 4, 2011 13.6k!!
  11. ... that a recipe for bacon jam by Martha Stewart includes freshly brewed coffee? February 5, 2011 2.5k
  12. ... that during the 2010 Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Des Moines, Iowa, the 600 guests ate approximately 30,000 strips of bacon?March 1, 2011 2.7k
  13. ... that traditionally Cornish fairings were sold at fairs for young men to give to their sweethearts?April 18, 2011 6.2k + 2.3k (8.5k)
  14. ... that Wenderholm Regional Park includes a house built by Sir Robert Graham? September 15, 2011 with User:Porchcorpter - 715
  15. ... that journalist Alice E. Gillington lived with Gypsies but didn't want them to know she was writing about them? May 16, 2012 2.4k
  16. ... that 90% of Tracy Beaker fans are girls between 8 and 14? May 27, 2012 with User:Androzaniamy 4.7k
  17. ... that May Byron wrote a series of biographies of which critics could not decide whether they were first-hand experiences or fiction based on research? November 4, 2012 1.2k
  18. ... that Richard Rennison, the last "anvil priest" from Gretna Green, took his 240 pounds (110 kg) anvil with him on holiday to London? November 28, 2012 4.5k
  19. ... that Sir Robert Peel couldn't be bothered to fix his cotton mills, so he proposed an Act of Parliament to do it for him? May 17, 2013 with User:Staceydolxx 3.5k
  20. ...that the grandfather of "Bobby" Peel was famous for his Parsley? June 24, 2013 2k
  21. ... that Christian Ramsay (pictured), honorary member of the Botanical Society of Edinburgh, was so dedicated to botany that she died with a list of plants in her hand?' January 5, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 4.4k
  22. ... that Mary Amdur gassed her own guinea pigs to prove that breathing sulphuric acid was dangerous?January 22, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 5.1k - value checked through analytics api
  23. ... that Fanny Knight excavated a Roman villa, repaired a castle, wrote a book and was an accomplished botanist and artist? January 25, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3k - value checked through analytics api
  24. ... that Cicely Blair discovered that people with albinism can't get blackheads? January 28, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.1k - value checked through analytics api
  25. ... that one of the first women to work in radio astronomy, Elizabeth Alexander, actually preferred geology? January 30, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1.8k - value checked through analytics api
  26. ... that Angela Hartley Brodie's award-winning research led to the development of steroidal aromatase inhibitors as new treatments for breast cancer? January 30, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1k
  27. ... that Olga Tufnell assisted in unearthing the biblical city of Lachish? March 11, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1.3k
  28. ... that the British plant pathologist, Mary Glynne, climbed Mount Fuji when she was 68? March 13, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 960
  29. ... that the Liverpool Women's Suffrage Society encouraged membership by holding meetings at cafes with poetry, singing, and dance performances? March 26, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 450
  30. ... that the British trade union organiser Jeannie Mole, an early follower of dress reform, liked to wear an outfit reminiscent of Greek robes? March 26, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 2k
  31. ... that the largest single collection of one woman's clothes owned by a UK museum came from Emily Tinne? March 29, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 2.2k
  32. ... that Doris Mackinnon had a reputation for never repeating a lecture in 30 years? April 6, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.1k
  33. ... that in 1893, 16-year-old Tessie Reynolds (pictured) cycled from Brighton to London and back in a rational outfit? April 13, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 6.1k
  34. ... that when three and a half years old, Elizabeth Randles (pictured) played piano for King George III and his family? April 15, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 7.1k
  35. ... that many people believe there is no such thing as Welsh food? April 19, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 10.1k!!
  36. ... that the British poet Anne Penny was criticised for having poor grammar? April 25, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 2.2k
  37. ... that Emilia Baeyertz preached to crowds on Christianity but her son, Charles Nalder Baeyertz, was concerned about the moral dangers of "a prevalence of bad English"? May 9, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 2k & 3.5k!
  38. ... that Sabrina Sidney (pictured) was groomed to be the perfect wife, using techniques such as pouring hot wax on her arms? June 28, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 26.2k!
  39. ... that the botanist Ethel Thomas designed the University of London's botany garden in Regent's Park? July 20, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 814
  40. ... that educationist Elizabeth Lachlan was purportedly asked to be Queen Victoria's governess? August 9, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1.7k
  41. ... that Chief Whip Freda Corbet was known within her party as the 'tiny tyrant'? August 18, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.4k
  42. ... that the gothic arches of the Grade I listed Avon Bridge cannot be seen due to a later girder bridge widening it? August 19, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.3k
  43. ... that Elizabeth Casson set up an early occupational therapy school with funds borrowed from her brother Lewis?August 24, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1.6k
  44. ... that Mabel Mudge became the longest serving landlady in the UK in 1995, having run Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton for 75 years? August 24, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.6k
  45. ... that the first public house officially visited by Queen Elizabeth II was the Bridge Inn, Topsham? August 26, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 6k
  46. ... that a judge shot a doctor at Exeter Racecourse during the last duel in Devon? August 28, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 2.7k
  47. ... that the clothing historian Janet Arnold was still working on clothes for the Mermaid Theatre just two days before her death from lymphoma? August 29, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 3.9k
  48. ... that the King William Ale House in Bristol was built in the 17th century as a women's refuge? August 31, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 5.3k
  49. ... that the artist Sandra Blow was asked to create glass screens for a departure lounge at Heathrow Airport? August 31, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 4.2k
  50. ... that the Luppitt Inn is a public house in the front room of a farm house? September 1, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 5.3k
  51. ... that all the other doctors at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children resigned in protest after the appointment of Eliza Walker Dunbar? September 3, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 6.5k
  52. ... that the Bristol and Bath Science Park includes an open area where children come to skateboard?September 3, 2016 with User:Staceydolxx 1.4k


  1. ... that life story work can be beneficial to adults with dementia? February 26, 2013 by User:Staceydolxx, 3.5k
  2. ...that Iota Sigma Pi awards women in chemistry and includes Marie Curie, Gerty Cori and Dorothy Hodgkin as honorary members? December 31, 2014 by User:Staceydolxx, 778