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Hello all, I'm Wrightbus from Hong Kong, and currently active in Chinese Wikipedia. You may talk to me in Chinese, English and Japanese.

I'm graduated from United College, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Currently studying a master programme in the City University of Hong Kong.

I'm interested in Astronomy-related topics and translated many of them into Chinese. Besides, I've been edited topics in other fields like railway technology, particularly railway stocks in China.

SVG images created[edit]

I've created some SVG vector images exclusively for Hong Kong-related topics as those topics are lacking such simple images.

All source files were written with Notepad without using graphics editors.

Besides, I created or optimized some emblems and flags of cities in Japan. Finished works are:

I attended the 2008 Wikimania held in Alexandria, and gave an experience sharing speech of making SVG through a lightning talk.

My criteria on neutrality[edit]

I have an aspect to translate all articles of the English Wikipedia, which Chinese lacks, into Chinese. Moreover, I deemed the English Wikipedia is the most neutral one since members were from around the world. And so I would translate articles about Human Rights of China into Chinese, to let the mainlanders agree such points of view are the most neutral.

Moreover, I'll try to translate contents from Chinese Wikipedia into English, and so as to "neutralize" the content by wikipedians from worldwide.


I use my computer as a server of providing Psiphon web proxy for Wikipedians in Mainland China.