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The Who and the Why of Writtenright[edit]

Writtenright is a native speaker of American English. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada and a Master of Science in Education degree from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York, concentrating on English for Speakers of Other Languages. He has taught remedial mathematics at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York, as well as tutoring in the Writing Center at MCC. He has tutored English for many years, exclusively with non-native speakers. He has done technical editing of dissertations on a professional basis.

When not editing Wikipedia, he enjoys gardening and reading, primarily non-fiction. When the temptation becomes irresistible, he writes light satirical verse, primarily limericks.

He is chiefly interested in fixing punctuation, spelling, and syntactical errors, as well as working through stylistic problems with the intention of smoothing out awkwardness and improving clarity of expression. He would generally prefer to avoid "content issues", rarely adding information and almost never deleting it, unless it is either evident vandalism or known by him to be incorrect.

His experience with Wikipedia has been very mixed; more troublesome than the horde of vandals are those well-intentioned editors who are emotionally attached to "their" article or point of view. Unlike more intelligent editors who finally realize that they have more important things to do, he is still at it.

In spite of his rather arrogant user name, he is not always right, so anyone who has criticism to offer is more than welcome to do so on his talk page.