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Hey there, I'm WSlupecki (Also known as HARTride 2012). I have been an active Wikipedia member since 2006. I find Wikipedia to be a very knowledgeable source for information that can be easily updated as needed. Unlike the traditional book encyclopedias that only get updated once a year and don't cover the many sources found on Wikipedia.

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Since 2006, I have made many contributions to various transportation-related articles on Wikipedia; including various highways, bridges, and mass transit systems. Most of the articles are relating to the Tampa Bay Area, where I reside. Other interests that have led to Wiki contributions include Tampa area TV stations (including Bay News 9 and a couple of Tampa area landmarks here and there. I've also made contributions to a couple of other topics as well.

Bay News 9 (Tampa TV Station)[edit]

One of my largest contributions to Wikipedia so far, is the expansion of the Bay News 9 article. Bay News 9 is a 24-hour local news channel in Tampa, Florida that was launched in 1997. Since it's inception, I have paid a great deal of attention to the station's journey and I must say, after nine years of being on the air, Bay News 9 has certainly achieved it's mainline goal of providing news to the Tampa Bay Area on the viewer's schedule.

  • When I saw the Bay News 9 article for the first time in May 2006, I was disgusted at the lack of content provided on the station. I quickly gathered what I knew about the station thus far and gathered as many sources as possible, and began a major expansion of the article. As of 2010 however, I no longer actively contribute to the page due to me not having access to cable TV anymore.

Transportation-Related Articles[edit]

As mentioned above, one of my large interests is Transportation. If you have viewed some of the articles regarding Tampa's Interstate highways, tollways, and other major transportation facilities recently; you've probably noticed some of my contributions to them. My mainline goal is to bring these Tampa transportation articles to high standards so that they can be featured on the Wikipedia main page. As you may also noticed, I recently joined WikiProject Florida to help out with other Florida related articles. The main transportation-related articles that I have made major contributions to recently to are listed below.

Articles in which minor contributions were made include:

Paris Métro[edit]

My current project is to update the English pages for the Paris Métro system to be more in line to that of their counterparts from the French Wikipedia. I have found that the French Wiki contains information that is missed on the English version. The pages that I have expanded are listed as follows.

Métro Lines[edit]
Métro Rolling Stock[edit]

Non-transportation-related articles (which I have made ethier major or minor contributions to) include:[edit]

Photos uploaded to Wiki Commons:[edit]

HART bus photos[edit]

HART Local buses (old livery)

  • HART Bus 3.JPG
  • HARTline Bus 4.jpg
  • HARTline Bus 5.JPG
  • HART bus 6.JPG
  • HART bus 7.JPG
  • HART bus 9.JPG
  • HART bus 2426.jpg

HART Local buses (new livery)

  • HART 2015 new livery.JPG
  • HART 2015 new livery 2.JPG
  • HART Bus -2409.JPG
  • HART bus 2221.jpg
  • HART bus 2221.jpg
  • HART bus number 910.jpg
  • HART bus 903.JPG
  • HART 2117.JPG
  • HART Gillig Trolley RT 89.jpg
  • HART bus 2903.JPG
  • HART bus no 2912.JPG

HART Commuter Express buses (purple/white livery)

  • HART Commuter Express Bus.jpg
  • HARTline Bus 2.jpg

IP Addresses[edit]

Occaisonally, I will use my older desktop computer, which has a Firefox browser that sometimes rejects cookies, to edit Wikipedia. If any questions regarding edits with the address arises; please contact me.

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