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Industry Digital Imaging
Founded Leeds, England
Headquarters Leeds, England
Products studio lightning systems

Bennet is a company based in Leeds, England, which manufactures studio lighting systems, Studio accessories and video lights.


Bennet supply a wide range of products and accessories for studio flash and video lights.

Continuous light[edit]

Bennet has 3 range of continuous light products. The Fresnel light projectors, 300, 650 and 1000w. The Spotlight projectors, 800 and 1200w

and finally the LED video projectors, 300, 600, 1000 and 1500w Japanese led projectors.  All Bennet continuous light products are fan
cooled, it avoids overheating when long time used.

Compact flash[edit]

Studio flash from 100 to 1500w.


Bennet manufactures large range of reflectors. The golden silver 30 to 80cm hand reflector, the 56 to 168cm 5 in 1 studio reflector, and the

100 to 200cm frame video reflctor 


Bennet manufactures softboxes from 40*60cm 60*90cm to 80*120cm. As well, Bennet manufactures Octogonal Softboxes from Φ 95cm to 185cm.

Lighting & Video Accessories[edit]

Bennet manufactures a large range of accessories, ranging from snoot, barn door, honey comb filter, background reflector …



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