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Industry Computer Software
Founded 2009
Headquarters Orsay, France & San Francisco, California, US
Area served
Europe, USA
Key people
Olivier Picciotto, co-founder & CEO / Francois le Masne, Executive Chairman
Products Convertigo Enteprise Mashup Server, Convertigo Mobilizer, Convertigo Studio, Convertigo Cloud

Convertigo, a French software independant software vendor operating in Europe and in the United States, is headquartered in Orsay, France. Operating principally in Europe and USA, the company does business from its office located in San Francisco. Convertigo currently employs twenty-five people.

Convertigo is a Open Source software vendor providing Enterprise Mashup, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform and Web Scraping technologies. Customers include, Carrefour, Darty, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Club Meditérannée and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.


From Twinsoft to Convertigo.

Originally called Twinsoft, the company was founded in 1994 as a terminal emulator independant software vendor. The success of its Minitel emulator, Twintalk, gave it the means to invest more heavily in R&D. Twinsoft’s subsequent product, Carioca, would strengthen its presence on Minitel for years to come. In 2005, Twinsoft began a series of investments that culminated in the creation of a composite application platform, dubbed Convertigo. This product was quickly adopted by major national and international businesses, and Twinsoft’s growing presence in the market for composite business applications, also called enterprise mashups required the company to rethink its financing strategy. In 2009, Auriga Partners invested $4.5 million in Twinsoft’s mashup platform [1], Convertigo. Twinsoft chose to change the company’s name, renaming itself Convertigo, after its flagship product.

In 2010, Convertigo launched the first Enterprise Mashup platform operating on the Cloud as stated in the "Le Monde" journal [2].

In 2011 Convertigo, decided to adopt an OpenSource Strategy and published Convertigo Community Edition on Sourceforge [3], therefore contributing to some open source projects such as GateIn with exo platform [4] and RedHat [5]


As one of the most complete mashup platforms, Convertigo provides business developers with numerous tools to make the most of reusing existing IT assets to create new composite applications displayed on portals or mobile devices. Convertigo features powerful connectors such as the Web HTML connector and the Legacy Mainframe connector allowing to integrate applications even if they do not provide APIs.

Convertigo Studio[edit]

Convertigo Studio allows developers to create new composite applications, enterprise mashups, from preexisting data and applications. Rewriting data takes time; developers can save both time and money in reusing the data and the applications that are already available to them. This is done in a non intrusive way, meaning Convertigo will not modify a company’s data sources or application.

Convertigo Server[edit]

Convertigo Server executes the composite applications developed in Convertigo Studio. This server can read the majority of data sources and business applications, including HTML Web applications and Mainframe applications.

Convertigo Cloud[edit]

Convertigo cloud provides all services needed for Enterprises to deploy composite application and Mashups on a Secured and monitored Cloud "Platform as a Service" (PaaS).

Convertigo Mobilizer[edit]

Convertigo Mobilizer allows developers to mobile enable business applications without the need to rewrite them. This solution allows developers to create a functional application on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices connected to strategic back end strategic business applications. Convertigo Mobilizer can connect and interact with business applications even if they do not provide APIs.


Convertigo publishes the code of its core modules under the Affero GNU Public License



Convertigo competitors are :


Convertigo uses the Affero GPL licence for the Convertigo Community Edition and the Convertigo Enterprise Licence for Convertigo Enterprise Edition and Convertigo Cloud Edition


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