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On the right you'll find a list of languages I might be able to handle, in preferred order, and below are some subjects I know reasonably well. Feel free to request information or assistance on my talk page.

My bio[edit]

Name: Joe

Most common alias: WurdBendur

D.O.B.: February 2 1985

Wikipedian since: February 1 2005

Occupation: Student (Fine Art)

Hobbies: Wikipedia, Hacking/General computing, Visual arts, Writing, Making long lists

My Wikipediholic Test score:

Languages I speak / know / study:

  • English — My native language
  • Esperanto — I'm learning this at lernu!, and I'll probably go to the Esperanto Wikipedia soon.
  • Tok Pisin — I'm on the Tok Pisin Wikipedia, but I'm not great with the language.
  • German — I studied it in college, but I'm not very good at it anymore.
  • 日本語 (Japanese) — I've been studying for a while, but I don't think I'll ever get it.
  • Middle Egyptian — I've just started reading about it, and I really don't know anything yet.
i w r
ra m p t


Articles I've created[edit]

(now redirects to Phonemic differentiation)

Articles I've edited[edit]

Other Contributions[edit]

Some things to check out[edit]

  • Shavian
    • I'm also transcribing some of the Wikipedia pages into Shavian in the case that it might be of interest to anyone.
  • My Scratch Page where I'll keep works-in-progress before they're polished enough to plug into the Wikipedia.

External links[edit]

My LiveJournal

Grun World LiveJournal community

Lower Geldorian - another LiveJournal for my constructed language

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