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hardline, straight edge, sxe, raw, veganism, abolitionism, ethical consumerism, animal liberation, animal liberation front, animal liberation movement, bite back, earth liberation, earth liberation front, earth liberation movement, stop huntingdon animal cruelty, speak, animal defense league, earth first, food not bombs, homes not jails, act now to stop war and racism, answer coalition, infoshop, communiques, direct action, leaderless resistance, tax resistance, independence of cascadia, asymmetric warfare, 4th generation warfare, information warfare, hacktivism, black market, 0day exploits, exploits, backtrack, linux, kde, livecd, remastering, encrypted filesystem, open source, sourceforge, metasploit, ddos, fast flux, botnet, zombie computers, zombie network, bittorrent, torrent, seeding, piracy, retroshare, freenet, tor, i2p, gnupg, gpg, pki, ripplepay, dgc, wikipedia, cryptanalysis, codebreaking, cracking, hacking, reverse engineering, social engineering, phishing, confidence tricking, bomb making, ied making, black bloc, rioting, looting, shoplifting, street fighting, ecotage, monkeywrenching, tree sitting, billboarding, squatting, couchsurfing, cohousing, hitchhiking, zero-fare public transporting, carsharing, biking, trikking, wardriving, dumpster diving, freecycling, recycling, reusing, reducing, sustainable living, collective, cooperative, co-op, farmer's market, thrift store, fair trading, podcasting, autocasting, ustream, c-walk, zombie walk, graffiti, street art


police brutality, war crime, extraordinary rendition, black site, black project, private military company, unlawful combatant, ghost detainee, prisoner of conscience, poc, civil liberties, civil rights, climate change, global warming, green scare, green movement, green politics, green economy, green economics, green building, green transport, autonomous building, zero-energy building, zero emission, zero waste, ecovillage, ecocity, intentional community, egalitarian community, permaculture, renewable energy, helium-3, solar car, organic clothing, groupthink, group polarization, bioethics, participatory democracy, participatory economics, parecon, consensus democracy, inclusive democracy, e-democracy, continental philosophy, analytic philosophy, natural theology, liberated theology, conceptual art, black box theater, black box, rational choice theory, game theory, quantum cryptography, quantum cryptanalysis, collective intelligence, prediction market, gift economy, computer forensics, anonymous p2p, p2p, f2f, darknet, esperanto, utopian fictions, dystopian fictions, neoclassical compositions, rach 3

counterintelligence, traffic analysis, network analysis, link analysis, echelon, ukusa, sigint, molecular nanotechnology, molecular assembler, simulated reality, electroencephalography, eeg, brain-computer interface, human-computer interaction

biological determinism, human genetic engineering, transhumanism, ecocide, ecophagy


nirvana, elliott smith, radiohead

arcade fire, lcd soundsystem, mia

recent indie
panda bear, battles, the national, spoon, iron & wine, grinderman, okkervil river, blonde redhead, caribou

minor threat, earth crisis

ian mackaye, karl buechner, moby, kurt cobain, bono, michael stipe, elliott smith, thom yorke, chester bennington, chris martin, jack white, henry rollins, brian hugh warner, beck hansen


the living theatre


freespeech tv
democracy now

the green, iconoclasts, city of men

round trip ticket

invention nation, cool fuel, beyond tomorrow

national geographic
hollywood science


vegan freak, vegan radio, animal voices, go vegan, vegcast, erik's diner


green scare, alf, elf, shac, close hls, straight edge, sxe, c-walk, zombie walk, da ali g show, tom green, jamie kennedy experiment, jackass


river phoenix, joaquin phoenix, natalie portman, jeremy irons, ralph fiennes, william hurt, johnny depp, charlize theron, jared leto, edward norton, helena bonham carter, guy pierce, juliette binoche, scarlett johansson, julianne moore, ryan gosling, naomi watts, ben foster, jake gyllenhaal, tom green, ellen degeneres, gael garcía bernal, sacha baron cohen, margaret cho, jamie kennedy, mark wahlberg, josh hartnett

human faces that define beauty[edit]

darryl stephens, alicia keys


4 mos 3 wks & 2 days, there will be blood, diving bell & butterfly, atonement, sweeney todd, no country for old men, the savages, before the devil knows you're dead, juno

boys don't cry, lolita, my own private idaho, monster, russian ark, quills, memento, mulholland drive, eastern promises, into the wild, sophie scholl, 2001: a space odyssey, planet of the apes, thx 1138, the matrix, pan's labyrinth, fight club, dogville, secrets and lies, the crying game, the hours, children of men, the motorcycle diaries, seven, pi, cube, the cell

the cook the thief his wife & her lover, prospero's books, the baby of mâcon, pulp fiction, sin city, tarnation, hedwig and the angry inch, city of god, kill bill

the best of youth, bloody sunday, mystic river, the insider, kings and queen, american splendor, the lives of others, time out, l'enfant, fateless, spring summer fall winter... and spring

before sunset, lost in translation, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, once, the piano, y tu mamá también, away from her, shakespeare in love, brokeback mountain, the english patient, say anything..., under the sand, talk to her, in the mood for love, the man without a past, cinema paradiso, far from heaven, sense and sensibility

behind the mask, earthlings, grizzly man, an inconvenient truth, sicko

les triplettes de belleville, the iron giant, paprika

borat, jackass

session 9, 28 days later, saw


currently reading
from dusk 'til dawn, mad bomber melville, the gathering

industrial society and its future, igniting a revolution, terrorists or freedom fighters?, earth liberation front, burning rage of a dying planet, the logic of political violence, ecodefense, confessions of an eco-warrior, recipes for disaster, evasion, the anarchist cookbook, steal this book, into the wild, the rape of nanking, joel-peter witkin

ulysses, disgrace, russophone, never let me go, the monkey wrench gang, ishmael


bite back, arkangel, the animals voice, green anarchy, communities magazine, 2600, vegnews, plenty, good magazine, damn°, modern painters, readymade, craft, sublime, utne reader, bomb, paris review, advocate, visionaire, aperture, green guide, new scientist, wired, technology review, wound, anotherman, colors, the progressive, z magazine, dissent, dædalus, new yorker, the economist, national geographic


wikileaks, torrentfreak, darknet, gnucitizen, schneier on security, cult of the dead cow, opennet initiative, freedom to tinker, lawrence lessig, green is the new red, vegan freak, abolitionist-online, supervegan,, bombs and shields,, znet blogs, indymedia, indybay, infoshop, a-infos, gnn, truthout, alternet, democracy now, freespeech tv, ourmedia, treehugger, hugg, boing boing, digg, slashdot, we make money not art, apartment therapy, design sponge, moco loco, edge,, technorati, cryptome


animal liberation front, green anarchy, vegan freak, veganica,,, planet peer, anonymous-p2p, doom9


james joyce, vladimir nabokov, virginia woolf, george eliot, chinua achebe, v. s. naipaul, john maxwell coetzee, peter carey, fyodor dostoevsky, vasily aksyonov, derrick jensen


"se non ora, quando?" - primo levi

"i do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, i would advise violence." - mahatma gandhi

"injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" - martin luther king, jr.

"die vermeinte rechtlosigkeit der thiere, der wahn, daß unser handeln gegen sie ohne moralische bedeutung sei, oder, wie es in der sprache jener moral heißt, daß es gegen thiere keine pflichten gebe, ist geradezu eine empörende rohheit und barberei des occidents, deren quelle im judenthum liegt." - arthur schopenhauer

"a living animal who has never breathed in his/her life shall never be protected by law. unless all animals are free from slavery, a biological female should have reproductive rights to kill her unborn fetus legally, safely and humanely." - hiram jin


חירם,, z0mb_ie, dd0s, leaderless

androgyny, bishōnen, visual kei, gothic

pro-choice, avant-garde, genderqueer, pomosexual/pansexual/omnisexual, fundi/hardline/sxe militant vegan, cascadian separatist, animal abolitionist, eco-warrior, green/crypto anarchist, cypherpunk/hacker/hacktivist/pirate, poet, visionary, donor & supporter of the us green/pirate party, lifetime childfree devil's advocate/dissenter/dissident/rebel/revolutionary/freedom fighter

vandalism, hacktivism, abolitionism, veganism, green/crypto anarchism, neo-luddism, egalitarianism, collectivism, grassroots activism, biocentrism, ecocentrism, ecofeminism, deep ecology, libertarian socialism, market abolitionism, postmodernism, postmodern feminism, deconstruction, deindustrialization, anti-globalization, anti-capitalism, anti-colonialism, anti-imperialism, anti-militarism, anti-nationalism, anti-federalism, anti-patriotism, anti-feudalism, anti-dualism, anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-speciesism, anti-classism, anti-elitism, anti-discrimination, anti-deportation, reproductive rights, same-sex marriage

baruch spinoza, martin heidegger, friedrich nietzsche, arthur schopenhauer, georg wilhelm friedrich hegel, karl marx, ludwig wittgenstein, john brown, henry david thoreau, leo tolstoy, mikhail bakunin, peter kropotkin, nestor makhno, emma goldman, mahatma gandhi, mao zedong, james joyce, noam chomsky, howard zinn, michael albert, abbie hoffman, murray bookchin, cornelius castoriadis, takis fotopoulos, sam melville, theodore kacznski, john zerzan, robin webb, ronnie lee, gary francione, jerry vlasak, steven best, craig rosebraugh, peter greenaway, joel-peter witkin, iris chang

enlightenments: personality
george gordon byron, oscar wilde, fidel castro, primo levi, jean-paul sartre, michel foucault, richard stallman, cornel west, james carville, ralph nader, dennis kucinich, amy goodman, ingrid newkirk, paul watson, bertrand delanoë, robert oppenheimer, lars von trier, michael moore, george soros, barack obama, charles saatchi, hugo chávez, mahmoud ahmadinejad, osama bin laden

enlightenments: life achievement
vincent van gogh, che guevara, kim philby, bill haywood, julius and ethel rosenberg, mumia abu-jamal, langston hughes, malcom x, ramsey clark, aung san suu kyi, huey p. newton, bobby seale, robert f. williams, barry horne, edward abbey, rod coronado, keith mann, david foreman, peter daniel young, greg avery, judi bari, keith mchenry, c.t. butler, julian beck, judith butler

enlightenments: intellectual achievement
w. b. yeats, t. s. eliot, jacque derrida, jacques lacan, samuel beckett, john forbes nash, marvin minsky, raymond kurzweil

enlightenments: genius of aesthetics
jackson pollock, damien hirst, martin creed, tracey emin, westwood, mcqueen, watanabe, garcons, gaultier, galliano, slimane, richmond, jacobs, alessi, starck, newson, cutler & gross, chrome hearts

john masters, care