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Hello, and allow a wiki-tender to offer you the gooddess's blessings! May the wisdom of Wikipedia fill you, may you learn well, and may you always walk in peace and cooperation among your fellow editors.

Welcome to the pointless user page of yet another Wikipedia editor. I am Urpo Lankinen, often going in the 'net by the username WWWWolf or Weyfour WWWWolf. I'm a computer geek, writer and often an artistic person. I'm also a gigantic wikihead, and I also luckily blended in the landscape long enough that I was given a random mop to clean mess with. I don't edit in en.wikipedia much, but I do my best anyway!

There used to be a great deal much about random Wikipedia stuff here, but some of the stuff might be outdated and theoretical and needed some chainsaw treatment. I used to follow Wikipedia community development closely, but I have to say I don't really follow it that much, because the community was pretty damn divided and scattered. These days, I just do what's necessary, but not what's obviously harmful. Has worked before, will work in the future.

Social aspects of Wikipedia[edit]

Admin stuff[edit]

I think the deletion processes in WP are broken and outdated, and the deletionists are doing more harm than good. Hence, these days, I've vowed to only delete blatantly deletable material – in other words, I'm only doing CSD deletions on spam and other newly written content that's unlikely to get off the ground in that state. I will not delete articles that have been around for a while, or content that might look like it would work by all community criteria (articles that are properly formatted and have at least some sources).

I also do the deletion recovery thing too. As the usual disclaimer these days goes:

If you need access to a Wikipedia article that has been deleted, ask me. If it's not a copyright violation, libel, or personal information, and has not been deleted as a suspected biographies of living persons violation, I will userfy the article for you.

Note that using the text to recreate any deleted article may automatically qualify them for speedy deletion, and copies of previously deleted content that are being used solely for long-term archival purposes may be subject to deletion because Wikipedia is not a free web host. We have a list of alternative sites which may be used to host your content.

Spam me a message through my user talk page (link above), and I can do this. I need the original article title (note: I preferrably need the exact capitalisation and spelling; if unsure, you can provide me a with a link to the smoking crater where the article - until recently - used to be, or the article's log), and preferrably also the name where you want it copied to (if you don't provide this, I'll usually put it around User:YourUserName/OriginalTitle.)


  • Blogstuff, listing my various Wikipedia-related thoughs, mostly from my LiveJournal. Also frequently unupdated.
  • Funny, Funny WikiStuff!
  • MediaWiki Usability, random things I've noticed

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