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WyrdLight at Wikipedia.

WyrdLight is the EU®Registered mark of WyrdLight Photography which is wholly owned by me: Antony McCallum. Consequently I own copyright in all the images I upload and there's a link at back to Wiki to help confirm my copyright ownership. Hopefully this note will help allay all those perfectly proper concerns about copyright which I support fully.

So: I've contributed a variety of images and some articles and text contributions here at the free encyclopedia. Images are often 750 pixels on the longest side but may range up to the maximum wiki file pixel size. For further confirmation some of those images may also include a digital watermark - unseen, but when accessed points to All Wiki images here are available to use strictly under the Creative Commons scheme with the attribution "".

If you do get to one of my websites you'll see that undertake commissions and do pro-bono work of various kinds. For me the pro-bono work includes image uploads to Wiki which I hope illustrate and enhance the text, but that of course is for core editors to have a final opinion.

My main list of images are on Wikimedia Commons at Category:Images by User:Wyrdlight.