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Pan Channel Letters (Pan Channels) are used in the production of illuminated signs. Typically, pan channel letters are used for outdoor sign applications, but they can be used indoor as well.


Pan Channels are the most common type of sign letter. They consist of a metal “pan” that is shaped like a letter. This “pan” houses the electrical and lighting components of the letter and can mount directly to a building’s fascia. A plastic face is then attached to the letter pan using trim cap material. The face is typically colored and translucent, enabling the sign to be seen at great distances during the day and light up at night. Pan Channel letters are a great way to show potential customers exactly where you are located. They are used most typically in retail centers, shopping plazas, and strip malls.[1]


While many sign companies can make pan channel letters, one of the most recognizable sign companies in the world that can do so is Young Electric Sign Company. Yound Electric Sign Company has produced any of the world’s most recognized sign projects. These include the NBC Experience globe in New York City, the historic El Capitan Theatre and Wax Museum marquees in Hollywood, and numerous icons in Las Vegas, such as Vegas Vic, the Fremont Street Experience, the Astrolabe in The Venetian and the recent Wynn Las Vegas resort sign.

A great example of a pan channel letter sign is the Coppertone sign. In this sign you can see how the metal letter and logo "pans" are covers with plastic faces that have the Coppertone graphics on them. [2]


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