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Coordinates: 46° 13’ 28’’,6392 North, 15° 16’ 21’’,1476 East

Jani Melik, born February 22 1964, a mechanical engineer, a CAD designer, member of the DMFA.
More extensive bio data and photos at my current homepage in Slovene

Born to Slovene parents (Ivan and Emilija) and live in Celje, Southwestern Lower Styria, Slovenia. For a short period I had studied physics and astronomy at the University of Ljubljana (UL) and after that I had changed the studies to mechanical engineering at the University of Maribor (UM) and UL.

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This Wikipedian was born on February 22, 1964 and is 53 years, 7 months, and 3 days old.
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Places visited
Austria Bosnia and Herzegovina Croatia
Germany Italy Republic of Macedonia
Montenegro Russia Serbia
Slovenia Soviet Union Ukraine
Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
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England Ethiopia Greece
Ireland Jamaica Scotland
United States of America
XJamRastafire, I award you this barnstar for the amazing level of contributions you have made to Wikipedia. Ajgorhoe, March 14, 2004
Favourite things
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris

Partial chaotically ordered set of my interests in the English version of Wikipedia are listed bellow but, since I am participating here, I must say, my interests have grown to very high altitudes almost from a nowhere-land. I would like to believe I know something, but most probably I might be wrong. I am glad to hear that Janez Demšar was spending 2 years on physics at UL where he learned some mathematics as he wouldn't learn it otherwise at other universities or elsewhere in some SF novel for instance. After that he became a FRIar. Numbers are like children as they say. Our human civilization | universe is young, so there is a vast amount of time. Or is it? Let me give here one Solomon Lefschetz's quote

  • Don't come to me with your pretty proofs. We don't bother with that baby stuff around here.

which tells me much.

  • To understand means to simplify. (Russian Понять - значит упростить) [From Strugatsky's SF novel Волны гасят ветер (Waves blow out the wind, translated to English as The Time Wanderers)]
  • Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler.
    • Let it be simple, but not simpler. [ Albert Einstein ] (translated version)
  • Ideal is partly hidden abstract. [Own weird balderdash on non mathematical ideal]
  • Nobody could ever told me why I came and, nobody, why I shall leave. [ Omar Khayyam ]
  • We should know, we shall know. (German Wir mussen wissen. Wir werden wissen.) [ David Hilbert ]
  • Everything what can be said, can be said easily. [ Ludwig Wittgenstein, (famous 'Strugatsky's variation' ]
  • It is never too late (to say) :-)
  • I am a human, every Chinese is a human, so therefore I am a Chinese.(Slovene Jaz sem človek, vsak Kitaj'c je človek, zatorej sem Kitaj'c) [One old high school tauto-logic]
  • Thinking is not entertainment but an obligation [ Arkady and Boris Natanovich Strugatsky ]
  • A black reggae reggae music is a Message from the King [ Prince Far I ]

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Earth sciences







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  1. Anyone is free to find two non-existent terms in the above list. A reward is two dark ales at Smash's pub what is about 4€ (a meek variation of Paul Erdös' reward on Collatz conjecture: mathematics is not yet ready but its lovers are). In fact there are three ones, but the third one does not count... {Reward was granted to Andrej in Slovene Wikipedia.}
  2. I wonder if this project is worthy enough to "cawt" much of the precious time in it. It may happen in some next 500 years the Wikipedia would look totally different as it is at present. But I shout this won't happen as it is meant to be...
  3. † These topics are obsolete or unsuitable for Wikipedia denoted by sysop college...