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If you're here because I contested the speedy deletion of an article you tagged, please know that I believe I found a reason why the article didn't meet the qualifications for the Speedy Deletion category chosen, and there's nothing personal about my decision to contest the deletion. I'm happy to discuss the reason further, just add an entry on my talk page. The fact that I've done this doesn't mean that I'm for the keeping of the article, but it does generally mean that I'm for giving the original editor of the article a little more time to demonstrate that the article belongs on Wikipedia. If, after a short period of time, the original editor can't do so, the article is deleted and everyone is happy. If, on the other hand, the editor is able to establish notability, Wikipedia benefits.  X  S  G  16:15, 19 June 2009 (UTC)

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{{subst:prod|No [[WP:RS|reliable sources]] found to [[WP:V|verify]] [[WP:NOTABLE|notability]].}}

You've deleted at least one article ([[Prashant Bhatkar]]) which was tagged for CSD:A7 after I'd previously rejected the A7 claim. I tag such articles for ProD when I notice that CSD:A7 is being abused, and the fact that the article has since been deleted prior to the expiration of the ProD indicates that an editor struck my ProD, the article was tagged with another CSD:A7, and you apparently didn't research the imrpopriety of the CSD re-tagging prior to deleting the article. Your deletion comment of "No indication that the article may meet guidelines for inclusion" indicates that you may not be aware of the common abuse of CSD:A7. To avoid being deleted by an A7 claim, an article merely needs to state importance, which is "a lower standard than notability". I maintain that the article in question did assert importance, and while I question the subject's notability as well, it is proper to give an article's editors the duration of a ProD as an opportunity to improve the article and establish notability which we were otherwise unaware of. I'd like to ask you to be more conscious of this in the future. ~~~~


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Minor Barnstar.png The Minor Barnstar
For quickly finding sources for the Horned Toad event in Coalinga, California. GeorgeLouis (talk) 00:48, 24 May 2009 (UTC)

About Me[edit]

I hate those stupid user box things so I won't be using them. Instead, anything I want you to know about me I'm going to write, in prose, right here.

I've received an MBA with a joint focus in Organizational Development and Finance from Cal Poly, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems from the same school.

I've worked for (alphabetically): Apple Computer, Inc., Bay Federal Credit Union, The Cal Poly Foundation, Carl's Jr., Dega Technology, Inc., FCI Communications, Inc., Google, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Inktomi Corporation,, Pacific Telesis Video Services, Pizza Hut, Round Table Pizza, Surveyor Corporation, and as a freelance consultant. I also lasted exactly one day as a telemarketer and two weeks as a dog washer; I can't stand fleas.

Biographic Articles about (former) friends and acquaintances[edit]

  • Hal Abelson - was one of the people I supported as a system administrator at HP Labs. I got him to sign my first PGP key, in fact. Hal and I weren't close, but we were on a first-name basis.
  • Tim Biskup - I met him at my tenth high school reunion. He was dating Seonna Hong. I am very fond of his work.
  • Lewis Call - we attended UCI during the summer of 1992, taking the same intensive German course. The course had two instructors, but I only remember the instructor for the second section was Hans Höbusch. Lewis and I became friends as a part of a group of class attendees. We'd go to class in the morning for several hours and then study and party together in the afternoons. It was Cynders (Cynthia), Patrick, Lewis, and I, and occasionally Steve and John. After the class ended, I stayed in touch with Lewis occasionally and dropped by Irvine for a party about a year later, though this was during a very dark part of my life in which I have very few memories. (I do remember being introduced to a fantastic beer at this party, Mackeson's Triple Stout, which I later re-discovered as a regular product at Trader Joe's and have since shared with my wife and her father, both of whom love the stuff. Interestingly, it was my father who independently discovered this beer at Trader Joe's and recommended that I try it.) I lost touch with Lewis after this. A few years later (in early 1998 to be exact), I returned to San Luis Obispo to finish off my Bachelor's degree and, on arrival, took my friend, Brent, out to a new and tasty Indian restaurant. He'd been telling me about his classes at Cal Poly (because I asked) and how kick-ass his history professor, Dr. Call had been. No more than five minutes later, Brent looked toward the door of the restaurant and then looked at me and said, "What a coincidence! Dr. Call is here." Dr. Call walked over to our table and, to Brent's amazement, said, "Gregg?" Turns out, the coincidence was that Brent's kick-ass professor was my old friend. Lewis and I would visit every once in a while and I audited a few of his his classes (which were very interesting!) while working on my MBA. We lost touch again shortly afterward, however I discovered his Wikipedia article and then re-established communication with him.
  • Chris Cheng - I had the opportunity to work with Chris to deploy a SalesForce automation tool I'd written... for his team.
  • Luke Chueh - if memory serves, we met during my first week in the dorms at Cal Poly in September, 1991. I was living in Sequoia Hall at the time, and I think he was living in Tenaya Hall, next door. Anyway, we met outside of Tenaya Hall, introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Luke was a really cool guy, one of the few who seemed to understand that I wasn't just some freak (I was discovering my gothic self back then). We maintained an acquaintance for the next four years, as we pursued our educations; our social circles would often intersect. In late 1997, I was preparing to return to Cal Poly and needed a place to live for the next six months. I ran into Luke, who had a free room at his house at 1921 Santa Barbara Street in SLO. I moved in with him and a third roommate, Dave (who was quite gifted at making wood inlays... I hope I can find him again, too). We threw parties about once a month for the next six months. Luke was a great roommate and was still a really cool guy. We ran into each other periodically (I even attended one of his parties when he lived on the second floor of some building on Marsh Street), but the last time I saw him was randomly, a few years later, in the parking lot of a shopping plaza in Santa Maria. I'm still kicking myself for not acquiring some of his art from when we were closer.
  • Wei-Hwa Huang - a friend of a friend. We got together to beta-test a game of Wei-Hwa's design in Oakland, California. We've run into each other a few times, since then.
  • Alex Martelli - I was trying to learn Python (programming language) and asked if I could borrow a book on the subject from him. He lent me O'Reilly's Learning Python. Having finished that, I acquired a copy of Python in a Nutshell as my desktop reference... and only then did I realize that Alex wrote it.
  • T.V. Raman - I actually rode a bus sitting across from him, and we've talked a few times since. That first time... well, he apparently had stepped in some of his dog's poop and accidentally got it on my nice pants. Bummer.
  • Steve Wozniak - When I worked at Apple in 1995, Steve came in to give a talk. I asked him out to buy him a cup of coffee and a slice of pie in order to thank him for his contributions which led to my becoming who I was/am. We had that slice of pie at Baker's Square in Los Gatos, California. Traffic made me fifteen minutes late, but he was still gracious. I'm afraid that I wasn't the best of company, either, but it was still cool to talk with him.


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Alfred Kreymborg - my great uncle, though we never met
Raziel (angel) - okay, hes' not a person, per se, so how do I categorize him? My son is named after him.


Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, California
Boulder Creek, California
Cheshire, Connecticut
Felton, California
San Luis Obispo, California
Santa Cruz, California
Santa Cruz County, California
Scotts Valley, California


Canyon High School (Anaheim, California)
Cheshire High School


None presently


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