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xXJCAXx, his real name is Jacob. He loves to read, write stories. Do Parkour and Freerunning, Play video games, dance, work out, and many other things. He is also an Otaku.

Reading & Writing[edit]

Jacob has read around a thousand one hundred books in his lifetime. His favorite Genre is Fantasy, and favorite book is unknown. Jacob has been slowly working on his writing but has became interested in the past couple of months and has been working on it more. He is currently working on three books.

Parkour & Freerunning[edit]

Jacob can do almost every vault and every flip at a gym. However, when he's outside freerunning, he can only do a frontflip so far. He has a fear of failing and being embarassed, and it keeps him from showing off, which is good. His favorite vault is the dash vault.


Jacob is an Otaku, which is a person who likes to stay inside and watch TV or read books for an excessive amount of time every day. It is a Japanese term. Jacob loves to watch anime that involves swords or magic, with little amounts of guns. He hates mecha. His favorite anime is Sword Art Online, in front of Attack On Titan and Fairy Tail.