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Below are the five pillars of Wikipedia:

First pillar

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia

Second pillar

Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view

Third pillar

Wikipedia is free content that anyone can edit, use, modify, and distribute

Fourth pillar

Editors should treat each other with respect and civility

Fifth pillar

Wikipedia does not have firm rules


WP:TMC - Article cleanup templates
WP:MOS - Manual of Style
MOS:TV - Manual of Style for Television
MOS:FILM - Manual of Style for Film
WP:TPG - Talk Page Guidelines
WP:AIV - Administrator intervention against vandalism
WP:SPI - Sockpuppet investigations
WP:FILM/R - Reliable sources for film
WP:HDT - Help desk templates
WP:ELNO - Links to be avoided
WP:AATP - Archiving a talk page
WP:TEAHOUSE - The teahouse
WP:USERBOXES - Users Boxes
WP:PC - Pending Changes
WP:SERVICE - Service Awards
WP:RFPP - Requests for page protection
WP:UAL - User Access Levels
WP:AT - Article Titles
WP:NOE - List of Wikipedians by Number of edits
WP:FA - Featured Articles
WP:EDN - Edit Notices
WP:GNGA - Guide to Nominating Good Articles.
WP:UAA - Usernames for Administrator Attention

Policy / Guidelines[edit]

WP:CIVIL - Civility guidelines
WP:NPOV - Neutral point of view
WP:NOT - What Wikipedia is not
WP:OVERLINK - Wikilinks and overlinking
WP:PEACOCK - Peacock words and phrases
WP:INFOBOXFLAG - National flags in Infoboxes
WP:PROTECT - Protection Policy
WP:MOS - Manual of Style
WP:NOR - No Original Research
WP:VERIFY - Verifiability
WP:BLP - Biographies of Living Persons
WP:TPG - Talk Page Guidelines
WP:SIGN - Signatures
WP:DISRUPT - Disruptive Editing
WP:VANDAL - Vandalism
WP:BLOCK - Blocking Policy
WP:DISPUTE - Dispute Resolution
WP:FIVE - The five pillars of Wikipedia
WP:LINK - Manual of Style/linking
WP:STUB - Stubs


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