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Date: Saturday, the 17 March 2018  |  Time: 13:03 UTC
xZise (ID: 7,818,389) is since 3471 Days at the english Wikipedia.
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About me[edit]

The newest Version is on the german Wikipedia online: xZise (Flag of Germany.svg)

I was born on the January 14th 1990.


I'm love watching following series (German names in brackets):

By the way I'm a fan of Star Trek. So I'm watching at the moment:


  • d – all episodes are aired on the german TV (usually this includes u)
  • f – Fanfiction
  • s – suspended
  • u – all episodes are aired on the american/origin TV


My nickname is actual xZise with a lowercase x. But the Wikisoftware doesn't supports lowercased first letters so I named me XZise on the Wikipedia and the Wikicommons. On the Freenode network I'm actual with xZise64 online with xZise as masternick. Meantime in the titlebar User:xZise and User Discussion:xZise appears. Besides my signature is correct with a lowercase x:

xZise [...]

— xZise


Mostly I'm with my XMPP account online. The Jabber Identifier is I'm supporing Off-the-Record Messaging and OpenPGP-Encoding depending on the Client because Pidgin only supports OTR and Gajim actual only OpenPGP. But I'm using, if it is possible, the OTR Fork of Gajim. My GnuPG key is: 589CAFD7.

Helpful pages[edit]

“My Pages”[edit]

German/Deutsche Wikipedia[edit]

Actual I want to start a article but some one else already started it:

Actual I'm working on a detailed list of the actors in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier on Benutzer:XZise/ST:HF aus. These list is based on the list in Law & Order.

In addition I desgined a program in Delphi. That program I could get the episodes lists from and convert it into a episodeslist for the German wikipedia in the style of Navy CIS (German title for NCIS). So I created a list for CSI: NY (Vorlage:Episodenliste CSI: NY) and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. But after a voting about episodes lists in the German Wikipedia they doesn't use templates anymore and the use normal articels instead.

Aside I have a subpage on my user name:

  • Benutzer:XZise/mathtest – several mathematic stuff. On the one hand it helps me to learn TeX and on the other hand I can help other in mathematics. Consequently I'm not making the homework from one other but there you can find a summary or validation of the results.

Images/Animations for the Commons[edit]

Helpful Unicodes[edit]

Some Unicodes allows, if Unicode is supported, a better differentation of the letters.

  • The en dash (–) has “2013”
  • The quotation marks (“ and ”) have “201C” and “201D”
    • X11 can usally print both quotations marks with the second modification key – normally AltGr – and v to open and b to close the quote.


Why I have that Wikistress-Level:

I'm also there:
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