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only Death, from Death alone he will find no rescue ...

— Sophocles, Antigone, 401-4

Cfd is fun
Participation—quite good
Arguing—real bad

Areas of Interest[edit]

What am I doing?[edit]

Jan Smuts
The life of Jan Smuts
Early life 1870–1895
Transvaal 1895–1899
Boer War 1899–1902
British Transvaal 1902–1910
The Old Boers 1910–1914

My big project at the moment is expanding the articles on Jan Smuts. Following on from the excellent work by Bastin8 I'm searching out references, pictures etc and writing some quite in-depth articles on Jan Smuts's life and times (see right). Quite a long-term project, and one which is a lot more involved and requires a lot more effort than I, in my initial flush of naive exuberance, first thought. Hopefully it, and the sub-articles, may reach Featured Article status some day...

I'm also quite keen to expand the articles on some of the other notable South Africans of the time (1850-1950). I try and add to articles on men such as Louis Botha and Cecil Rhodes when I have time. In the not too distant future I would like to write a proper history of the Transvaal, following on from the excellent example set by the History of Cape Colony articles.

More recently I've spent a lot of time on the Orders, Medals, and Decorations of the UK and Commonwealth. I've written a series of articles on British campaign medals and I'm single-handedly responsible for the entirity of Wikipedia's coverage of New Zealand Campaign medals and Gallantry awards. If that's not a proud boast to make, then I don't know what is...

Apart from this I attempt to make meaningful contributions, as and when I can, to any other articles I find which piqué my interest.

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