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Will le Fleming

Will le Fleming is a novelist. His debut, Central Reservation, is due to be published by Xelsion Publishing in November 2011. He was educated at Clare College, Cambridge, and worked in a variety of jobs before embarking on a professional writing career.

Early life[edit]

Will le Fleming was born in Bristol. His early childhood was spent in an eccentric and dilapidated farmhouse near Tewkesbury. The house had a moat, several unused rooms, and no heating. It was notorious in local history for a connection to various legends of hauntings and curses. He has written of the influence of this environment on his work; such influence is readily discernible in Central Reservation.


After graduating from Clare College, Cambridge with a degree in English Literature, he worked initially in London as a business journalist, then as a stringer in South America. In between were shorter stints as an adviser to a Chechen shipping magnate in Moscow and a croupier in New Zealand.

He then began a career working with Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) as a researcher, costumed interpreter and educator. His work with HRP ranged from sword-fighting at the Tower of London to lecturing at Hampton Court Palace on seventeenth-century schooling.
He was responsible for education at Hampton Court during the major re-interpretation project of 2009, bringing new life to the historic Tudor apartments.

He left HRP to take up his present post as a teacher of English at St Paul’s School in London in 2009.


His first novel, Central Reservation, tells the story of a girl haunted by her dead sister during the foot-and-mouth epidemic of 2001. Its principal themes are loss and the search for identity between childhood and adulthood. It will be published by Xelsion in November 2011 in hardback and ebook formats.

Upcoming projects include a novel entitled Perpetual Motion, a mystery set in London ranging in subject matter from crop circles, to organised crime, to the search for perpetual motion itself. He is also working on the manuscript of a third novel, The Tide.