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Phase Currently Editing
2001 Mars Odyssey (S)
Cassini–Huygens (S)
Dawn (S)
 -Draft (s)
Deep Impact (S)
Deep Space 1 (S)
Deep Space 2 (S)
Explorer 49 (S)
Galileo (S)
 -Draft (s)
Genesis (S)
Helios (S)
Juno (S)
Magellan (S)
 -Draft (s)

 -Draft (s)

Mars Climate Orbiter (S)
 -Draft (s)
Mars Global Surveyor (S)
Mars Observer (S)
Mars Polar Lander (S)
Mars Science Laboratory (S)
Mars Surveyor program (S)
New Horizons (S)
Phoenix (S)
Pioneer 10 (S)
Pioneer 11 (S)
Stardust (S)
Ulysses (S)
Voyager 1 (S)
Voyager 2 (S)
Phase Currently Maintaining
Phase 0
Planned future revision.
Phase 1
Infobox corrections / add mission logo if possible.
Phase 2
Subject research / article restructuring
Phase 3
M. background rewrite / add spacecraft photos
Phase 4
M. profile rewrite / expand tables, add diagrams
Phase 5
Second pass/exhaust additional info
Phase 6


I am a communications specialist with an interest in science advocacy and public relations regarding robotic spacecraft. I intend to address the current inconsistency issue with numerous spacecraft articles. Currently, each spacecraft article differs greatly in structure and quality, leaving much of the content within each, far more editorial than reference.

A standard, informative and organized structure is necessary.

I work unilaterally in this endeavor. If you wish to help in this standardization, I encourage you to follow the structure below . I also welcome any complaints, criticisms, encouragements, suggestions, and compliments on my talk page. I will respond as promptly as possible.
This structure will continue to be revised and expanded over time.



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