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My strongest suit, and my main interest on Wikipedia, is being the copyeditor. I love cleaning up badly-worded phrases - try me!

Help maintain Wikipedia across its broad spectrum of features. Greet new users with messages/cookies. Mediate disruptive editing with standardized or protection templates. Disambig with these templates. Use not the general {{cleanup}} tag, but specific tags.

Check out my edit summary stats from Wannabe Kate and mathbot. I used {{-}} to fix Georgia Cyclone, but haven't found another use for it. Play around with {{tl}}, {{tlu}}, {{tls}}, {{tlsu}}, {{tlp}}, {{tl2}}, and {{tlsx}}.

WP:TWINKLE simplifies reverts and AIV reporting. Close XfD's without admin tools. Use a template without taking its categories. Opt out of auto-signing (not recommended for most people).

Now a bit about myself. I live here, went to this and that, was once in this racket, and formerly worked for these guys, among others.

Have you ever played with a Möbius strip?

I oppose third party candidates until cool voting methods are adopted, but will people know how to vote correctly on those ballots?

22:12 UTC


Known pages on which I have been quoted include coelacan.

I have been called a "touchy feely lefty wanker" [1], as well as a Republican.


Thoughts on Wikipedia[edit]

My editing philosophy: Try very hard to avoid POV sources, try very hard to be NPOV, do not make trivial edits (but always correct mistakes), and ALWAYS leave an edit summary.

When making an edit that may be controversial, imagine you wrote the article and now someone wants changes. How would you like them to go about it? How can they do it so you will not complain?

I probably am not a deletionist or inclusionist, for I do not believe in most generalizations. Many items on Wikipedia are useful; many are not. I prefer to judge each case by its merit, and always keep in mind the option of Transwiki to Commons.