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General Profile:

Full Name: Michael Jin Sakamoto

(French: Michel Jin Sakamoto

Chinese (Pinyin): Qín Chéng/ Zhuyin: ㄑ一ㄣ ㄔㄥㄨ / Hanzi:秦誠武

Japanese (Hepburn): Sakamoto Seimu / Hiragana: さかもと せいむ/ Katakana: サカモト セイム / Kanji: 境元 誠武

Korean (Revised): Jin Seongmu / Hangul: 진성무/ Hanja: 秦誠武)

Nickname: Jin

Gender: Male

Birthdate: 18 September 1977

Birthplace: London, London (England, UK)

Places of Residence: Kensington, London (England, UK)

Manhattan, New York (New York, USA)

XVI, Paris (Île-de-France, France)

Nationality: British (lex soli), American (lex sanguinus)

Ethnicity: Japanese-Korean (Paternally Japanese, Maternally Korean)

First Languages (Places): English (London), French (Paris)

Second Languages (Places): Chinese (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai), Japanese (Tokyo, Kyoto), Korean (Seoul)

Education: Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter NH (1992~1996)

Harvard College, Cambridge MA (1996~2000) (Concentration: Business / Second Concentration: Government)

Harvard Law School, Cambridge MA (2000~2002)

Occupation: Partner (Law)

Fields of Interest: Literature, Religion, Foreign Languages, Jogging, Swimming, Basketball, Tennis, Writing, Architecture, History, Sculpture, Paintings, Taekwondo, Karate, Surfing, Skateboarding, Cycling, Visiting places overseas, Wikipedia (when I have time after work)

Body Description: 6' 2" (185 cm) in height, 158.4 lb. (72kg) in weight