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Ekaterina Sedia was born in Russia on July 9, 1970.[1] She immigrated to the United States and attended college in New Jersey to obtain her Ph.D. [2]
She is most commonly known for being a fantasy author. Her most famous work is The Alchemy of Stone, a steampunk novel that examines sexism and class bigotry. [3] Sedia’s other novels include The Secret History of Moscow, According to Crow, and The House of Discarded Dreams. She has also written several short fiction stories, poems, and nonfiction books. [4]Several of her publications have been nominated for awards and/or have made a well-known reading list. In addition, Sedia was the editor for Jigsaw Nation and the World Fantasy Award-winning Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy. [5]
When Sedia is not busy writing, she teaches several ecology and evolution courses as a professor at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Galloway, New Jersey.

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