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Michael James Nolan also known as Mickey Nolan was born in Arlington Heights, IL on November 29th, 1972 to Robert Charles Nolan and Mary Josephine Nolan or Palatine, IL.

Mickey is the youngest of 7 children.

On November 29th, 1973 the family moved to Davenport, IA.

In the fall of 1976 Mickey entered Kindergarten at Andrew Jackson Elementary. His teacher was Mrs. Vanderwheelie. She was pregnant. Sources report that Mickey did not like Kindergarten and that he often played hookey.

A fellow student, Eric Ledke had a Voltron which he brought for show and tell.

In 1977, midway through his first year of grade school, Mickey was transferred to Sacred Heart Cathedral School, also in Davenport, IA. A girl name Kendra played a cruel prank on him the first day, telling him his sister had died. Although Kendra did not know that Mickey had a sister, he in fact had 4 of them, which only caused to confound the sadness he felt.