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State of The BARD
Shakespeare articles by Quality. Illustrates how growth has been since start of project, that growth has now plateaued, and that in terms of the absolute number of articles the vast majority are either Stub, Start, or C-class on the Quality scale.
Shakespeare articles by Quality-distribution, leaving out unassessed articles. Illustrates that in relative numbers the vast majority of articles is still Stub, Start, or C-class on the Quality scale.
Shakespeare articles by Importance, including articles not yet rated on the Importance scale.

Having been doing a bit of work getting the unassessed articles tagged recently, I had the idea to collect some Assessment statistics on the articles within our scope. The below are collected (manually) from the edit history of the WikiPedia 1.0 Bot's assessment summaries, from the beginning of this project and up until 23 November 2008 (which was the last update).

The graphs don't really tell us a lot about the actual work on the articles, except that the process of improving article quality is going slowly compared to the total number of articles within the project scope and even compared to the (otherwise extremely low) growth of articles in our scope.

The growth in articles has reached a plateau, which probably means our coverage is fairly comprehensive and broad, but the fact that the majority of them are either Stub, Start, or C-class on the quality scale suggests the coverage is rather shallow. So that the only obvious conclusion is that the projects needs to focus on improving the quality of existing articles is probably a surprise to no one.

For reference, here is our current Assessment dashboard:

We want to move articles from the bottom right to the top and left as much as possible.