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I contribute only to articles on Microsoft or Microsoft products.

Notice: I no longer contribute to Wikipedia as it is based on a flawed model of bureaucracy, politics, non-accountability, insistence on citations rather than the truth, inaccuracy, bias, conflicts of interest, vandals, abuse, harassment and disrespect to its community. I *may* still contribute once in a while but only because my passion for Microsoft products, at times, exceeds my hatred and annoyances with Wikipedia. Sadly, the quality of articles I once contributed to has degraded to shockingly bad levels. - xpclient Talk Edits

I tried to wait for a long time and see if the contributors who end up reducing the article quality would go away but they persist.

You can talk with me here. You can also e-mail me to take discussions out from Wikipedia.

See my contribs. Contribs from IPs 221.128.x.x, 202.149.x.x, 111.125.x.x and 183.87.x.x minus the vandals are me (for a certain period I only used my user ID for creating new articles or redirects so that vandals don't specifically target your contribs). Eventually, I started contributing using my username.

See my former watchlist.