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Hi, I'm Christopher Waters from the San Francisco Bay Area. My nickname "Xtifr", which puzzles many people, was given to me as an Xmas present, years ago. Most people pronounce it "eks-tuh-fer", but I'm not picky. People call me Chris, Christopher, Xtifr or even "X"; I'm happy with any of those. Just don't call me "Shirley"! :)

I'm a third-generation science fiction fan, and a second-generation computer programmer. New words probably need to be coined just to describe how geeky that makes me, I know. I used to fight my geeky side, but as I've gotten older, I've come to accept and appreciate it. My userboxes are over to the right, hidden.

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  • Organizing and cleanup articles on former constellations and other astronomical topics.
  • I seem to be being roped into helping with Tom Holt, a British humourist


Random stuff[edit]