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This article is about how I receive Family Guy episode content earlier than the public (American) airtime.

Most people would probably think I recieve episode copies early (screener) and I post snapshots of it. But no, that would be leaking and I would get in deep "you-know-what". Instead, I get snapshots from my TV. How? I live in Canada, and I have different channels from the United States. And since I have satellite television, I can get television stations from different time zones. I have one called NTV, located in Newfoundland. When it's 7:00 pm in my time, it's 9:00 pm in thier time. Since Family Guy airs at 9:00 pm in my time, they air it at 9:00 pm in their time. But how do I get it to my computer? Well, since I on a Mac, it is harder to get a capture device. But just out of luck I got the last MovieBox DV at a Henry's store. My satellite is hooked up to my MBDV via S-Video. Usually, I record the whole episode.