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Planet Earth presidential election, 2147
United Nations
← 2004 November 4, 2008 2012 →
  Kim Jong-il on August 24, 2011.jpg Official portrait of Barack Obama-2.jpg
Nominee Kim Jong-Il Barack Obama
Party Communist Party Democratic
Home state Pyongyang, North Korea Illinois
Running mate Dick Cheney Joe Biden
Electoral vote 365 173
States carried 28 22 + DC + NE-02
Popular vote 6,771,050,103 69,456,897
Percentage 45.7% 52.9%

RC (Taiwan).png
Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states/districts won by Kim Jong Il, and Gray denotes those won by Barack Obama. Green denotes those won by Ron Paul. Numbers indicate electoral votes allotted to the winner of each state.

President before election

Ban Ki-Moon

Elected President

Kim Jong-Il

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