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Asya Bank new article content ... Bank Asya was founded on October 24th in İstanbul. The main branch was firstly opened in Altunizade. The company's name, which had been previously "Asya Finans Kurumu Anonim Şirketi", was changed into "Asya Katılım Bankası Anonim Şirketi" on December 20th, 2005. Main objective of Bank Asya, which accepts supporting production by complying with the requirements of interest-free banking as the foundation principle, is to provıde interest-free finance system to larger masses by using the latest opportunities of technology in accordance with customer-oriented service mentality.

In this direction Bank Asya carries out its activities with 181 branches, 2 national and 1000 foreign correspondent banks besides the head office units as of May 2011.

Bank Asya, the first private finance house having ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, is in service with its organization and wide range of products meeting all needs and demands of its customers for retail, commercial and corporate banking.

Besides traditional distribution channels, namely branches, Bank Asya aims at offering uninterrupted, rapid and effective service via Online Banking, Alo Asya Telephone Banking, ATM and POS stations

Bank Asya accepts the two basic approaches below as the requirement of gaining targeted market share and works to achieve them:

To develop products of interest-free banking and bringing out new alternative products. To adapt the products used effectively in banking to interest-free banking system.

Bank Asya’s Objectives

To be one of the leading interest-free banks. (According to 2008 results it ranked 520th in terms of shareholders’ equity.) To be the bank with the highest brand value in Turkey. To rank in the forefront of companies where highly qualified professionals would strive to work. To increase its market share. To be a bank that pioneers innovations in its sector. To sustain the support of social responsibility projects such as social activities and sports.

Bank Asya regards social involvement as an aspect of being a productive and profitable bank whose importance goes beyond the purely economic and financial dimensions. For this reason, it defines its strategic goals out of its awareness that its own sustainability can only be achieved by creating more value for all of its stakeholders.

Transforming a business model which is based on supporting the real sector and production and which is informed by the fundamental principles of interest-free banking into an effective example of participation banking through its management competencies, funding practices, risk and quality policies, innovativeness, and unmatched growth dynamics, Bank Asya will continue to enhance the brand value that it has achieved in its national market and in the international arena.


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