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No associations or affiliations to declare. Long experience with several android devices, and computers running GNU/Linux or BSD. Tests services and software from /e/, Purism, LineageOS, microG, and others. Had good, bad, and awful experiences. Tries to be neutral, but dislikes advertising and popularity contests driving Wikipedia. Will support deleting advertising, and adding criticism. The truth shall make you free.

-- Yae4 (talk) 01:09, 30 August 2019 (UTC)

e ROM and related history[edit]

I hesitate to put this summary here, but because I'm being repeatedly accused of bias or COI, because block logs get re-organized and confused, and because | Caliwing AKA Indidea is requesting Unblock, here it is for reference and background.

Some things I've learned about eelo AKA /e/ and e foundation by participating at Wikipedia:

The renaming of eelo to /e/ for trademark name issues is a repeat mistake by e's founder. Mandrake GNU/Linux previously had to be renamed for the same reason. This is not in the e ROM articles because it hasn't been made notable by reliable sources.

The /e/ ROM article was started in late November 2018 by Mnair69. According to e foundation's about pages and forums, he was and is their "community leader." He was investigated for sockpuppetry (and meat puppetry) in December 2018 during the Article for Deletion discussion. No administrator action was taken:

e ROM Articles for Deletion

Mnair69 Sockpuppet investigation

At that time the suspected meat puppets' associations were not disclosed. Now several likely (Conflict of Interest) associations are apparent. Indidea is likely e's founder, and has been blocked for spam/promotion. One is an active supporter on e's telegram and forums. Another is a developer for e foundation. At least two others are members of e's Board.

Most of those user accounts are mostly inactive since the AfD, but the article, and related articles were significantly edited by Caliwing and Indidea . Indidea was blocked for being an obvious spam ID, connected with e foundation's founder's personal blog (web search "Indidea"). Caliwing and Indidea accounts were found to be sockpuppets, and Caliwing was blocked: Indidea AKA Caliwing Sockpuppet Investigation

IANAL, but this all looks like violation of European Fair-trade law: Wikipedia Conflict of Interest - European Fair Trade Law

-- Yae4 (talk) 15:18, 4 November 2019 (UTC) & Yae4 (talk) 22:12, 5 November 2019 (UTC)