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Hello there, and welcome to my User Page. Here you can see all kinds of things that I do here and how I have helped Wikipedia. Also here are things I keep around for my own use, but feel they are informative for anyone who wants to know more about me. I hope that the following paragraphs will help show my strengths and weaknesses, where my interests lie, how I can be contacted, and what cool stuff I have done in the name of Wikipedia. If you would be so kind as to continue reading we will begin.

Picture of Me

No Picture Yet. Coming Soon.

Me in a Nutshell
  • Name: Scott
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Gender: Male
  • Country: United States of America
  • Born and Raised: Mountain Top, PA
  • Religion: Christian. More specifically Episcopal. Practicing but by no means a zealot.
  • Occupation: Full time student returning to studies in the Fall of 2006, see Education section for more details. Currently have a part-time job at my local supermarket's produce department.
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Personal Favorites


Education is very important, here's where I got mine:

Below is what I think my schedule will look like for my career at the University of Scranton. At the end of the Spring 2006 semester, I will have 50 credits towards a Bachelor of Science in Media and Information Technology. I will not receive a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, though I will earn one. Any semester not already in progress is subject to change at any time. This table is more for my reference than anything else. I have to remember what classes I have taken and what I decided to take in the future.

Pre-Applied and AP
Class Course Applied Credits
Calculus AP MATH 114 - Analysis I 4
European History AP HIST 120 - Europe: 1500 to 1815 3
European History AP HIST 121 - Europe: 1815 to Present 3
Fundamentals of Speech COMM 100 - Public Speaking 3
Contemporary Social Issues SOC 112 - Social Issues 3
Fall 2005 - Complete
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 134 Computer Science I 3
PHIL 120J Introduction to Philosophy 3
T/RS 121J Theology I 3
LAT 111 Elementary Latin I 3
C/IL 102 Computer Literacy 2
C/IL 102L Computer Literacy Lab 1
INTD 100 Freshman Seminar 1
Spring 2006 - Complete
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 144 Computer Science II 4
PHIL 210J Ethics 3
MATH 142 Discrete Structures 4
LAT 112 Elementary Latin II 3
PHYS 204 Information Technology 3
PHED 101 Weight Training 1
Fall 2006 - In Progress
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 240 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
PHIL 310 Metaphysics 3
T/RS 122J Theology II 3
PHYS 104 Introduction to Consumer Technology 3
MATH 204 Special Topics of Statistics 3
PHED 101 Weight Training 1
Spring 2007 - Tentative
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 250 Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming 3
CMPS 202 Web Development 3
PHIL 217J The Trivium 3
COMM 329 Graphics 3
ECO 101 Current Economic Issues 3
PHED ? Some Phys. Ed. 1
Fall 2007 - Tentative
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 350 Computer Architecture 3
CMPS 356 Web Programming 3
COMM 317 Digital AV 3
HUM 311J Masterworks I 3
PHIL 322J Philosophy of Conscience 3
MKT 351 Introduction to Marketing 3
Spring 2008 - Tentative
Course Number Course Name Credits
CMPS 311 Computer Networks and Security 3
COMM 318 Multi-Media Presentations 3
PHIL 313 Philosophy and Friendship 3
PHIL 419J Philosophy East & West 3
INTD 110J The Jesuit Magis 3
ECO 370 Interactive Marketing 3
Fall 2008 - Tentative
Course Number Course Name Credits
MIT 490 Information Technology Project 3
CMPS 376 Rapid Prototyping 3
PHIL 412J Art & Metaphysics 3
HUM 312J Masterworks II 3
MUS 235 Music Theory 3
? Natural Science Elective 3
Spring 2009 - Tentative
Course Number Course Name Credits
MIT 481 Internship in Information Technology 3
PHIL 214 Computers and Ethics 3
PHIL 413J The End of Philosophy 3
PHIL 321 Great Books 3
COMM 310 Mass Communication Law 3

Wikipedia Stuff

Some notes for myself on what I need to do and what I have done. Feel free to help out.

Needs to be Done



  • Skills:

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways:

I will reply as soon as possible, I am at my computer most of the time so response time should be low for any of the electronic methods.