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Yuen-Chi Lian (usually addressed by his initial "YC") is a Web 2.0 practitioner, OSS supporter, active member of Malaysian Java User Group. He currently holds the position VP of Engineering at Aflexi, a CDN project which he started together with his friends after resigning from CustomWare Asia Pacific.

He was a support engineer working on Atlassian's products and MuleSource's Mule.

Involvement in Art[edit]

Yuen-Chi has a very strong interest in art since he was young. He was influenced to draw by the manga Dragon Ball when he was around 10. He started web design at the age of 15 by developing a Final Fantasy VII (Chinese) web-page. His interest in web and graphic then gave him the opportunity to work as the Webmaster of UltraUnix Internet Services, to engage in freelance jobs, and to win school-wide and national-wide competitions. One of his notable achievements was becoming the 1st runner up of Telekom "Erti Merdeka 2003" web design competition (teamed with Nabila Nasir).

In year 2002, he joined deviantART, the biggest online art community. He has tried various artistic directions and created some high "Favorites" works, such as "Kate Moss", "Evergreen", and "Time Machine".

Yuen-Chi stopped pursuing art further when he realized that his main direction is in computing and Information Technology.

Music Preference[edit]

Yuen-Chi has a wide-range of music preference, from classical music to hymn, jazz, pop, alternative rock, heavy metal, etc. Particularly, however, he likes death metal the most. His favorite bands are: Children of Bodom, Opeth, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Coldplay, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.

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