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I am a native of Yerevan who speaks Eastern Armenian and American English, reads and understands Russian. I am interested in politics, history, linguistics, architectural history, art history, sociology, psychology, music, archaeology. I identify myself as a democratic socialist and an anti-authoritarian progressive environmentalist. I defy some key left-wing orthodoxies and consider myself an anti-regressive. I am a secular humanist, and a skeptic, who is influenced by Enlightenment ideas.

My achievements on Wikipedia include 17 Good article Good Articles, 58 Did You Know? DYKs

My best work (usually complete rewrites or creations, some significantly improved)

Armenian religious, architectural, and cultural sites:

Armenian notables:

Armenian geography: Mount AraratLake Sevan draftMount AragatsAkhurian Reservoir

Armenian cultural items: Sabre DanceThe Armenian and the ArmenianSatala Anahit/AphroditeThe Artist and His MotherSasuntsi DavitThe Ninth WaveWe Are Our Mountains

Linguistics: Symbol support vote.svgRussian language in IsraelLanguages of AlbaniaYerevan dialectKarin dialectKarabakh dialect

Miscellaneous Armenian: Symbol support vote.svgArmenian AmericansSymbol support vote.svgUnited ArmeniaSymbol support vote.svgChess in ArmeniaSymbol support vote.svgArmenian parliament shootingSumgait pogrom linksArmenians in FranceAmerican University of ArmeniaAnti-Armenian sentiment in AzerbaijanArmenia without ArmeniansArmenian victims of the Great PurgeFebruary UprisingKarabakh movementNersisian SchoolTimeline of modern Armenian historyHidden ArmeniansClassification des dialectes arméniensList of places named after ArmeniaAravotArmeniaNowArmenpressAzg (daily)TjvjikZartir lao Doing...: Armenian alphabet draftBattle of Sardarabad draftVardavar draftArmenian eternity sign draftVan, Turkey draftNerkaght

Greco-Roman world: Panathenaic StadiumTemple of Augustus, PulaTemple of Concordia, AgrigentoRoman Theatre at PalmyraSPQR

Non-Armenian: Chechen-Russian conflictAnti-Greek sentimentAtatürk's cult of personalityLanguages of AlbaniaGrey Wolves (organization)New Nationalism (21st century)A.D.H.D (Kendrick Lamar song)Anti-Georgian sentimentAssyrian population by countryChinese language in the United StatesDmytro YaroshParty of crooks and thievesProposals for an Assyrian autonomy or stateSymbolic ethnicityTwerking Doing...: Left-wing nationalism draftTalaat Pasha draftAbdullah Öcalan draftMenüçerJvari Monastery draftTomb of Cyrus draftHagia Sophia, Trabzon draft

Important articles: 2008 Armenian presidential election protests sourcesArmenian diaspora draftArmenian GenocideArmenian HighlandsArmenian national liberation movement draftArmenians in Istanbul draftArmenians in RussiaArmenians draftFirst Republic of ArmeniaKhachkar[1]Mer HayrenikMonte MelkonianNagorno-Karabakh WarOperation Nemesis draftWestern Armenia draftWrestling in Armenia[2]kox

Globe current.svg In the news (9): Armenian parliamentary election, 2012 (5/'12) • Ramil Safarov (9/'12) • Armenian presidential election, 2013 (2/'13) • 2013 Armenian protests (3/'13) • Azerbaijani presidential election, 2013 (10/'13) • Georgian presidential election, 2013 (10/'13) • Euromaidan (created) (11-12/'13, 1-2/'14) • Gunashli oilfield (12/'15) • Armenian constitutional referendum, 2015 (12/'15)

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