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Computer Network Basic terms[edit]


Server (computing)
Computer network
Network service
Client–server model
Internet Protocol
Network socket
Message transfer agent
Web server
Application server
File server
Database server
Server appliance
Instant messaging
Online chat
File Transfer Protocol
Domain Name System
World Wide Web
Home server
File sharing
Communications protocol
Web page
Router (computing)
Name server
Internet protocol suite
19-inch rack
Port scanner
Port (computer networking)
Transmission Control Protocol
List of TCP and UDP port numbers
TCP/IP stack fingerprinting
Firewall (computing)
User Datagram Protocol
Connectionless communication
Internet service provider
Proxy server
Internet Control Message Protocol
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
Ping (networking utility)
Generic Routing Encapsulation
Transport layer
Client (computing)
Web browser
Uniform resource locator
Local area network
Port knocking
Network packet
Daemon (computing)
Packet analyzer
Security through obscurity
Man-in-the-middle attack
Replay attack
IP address spoofing
Single point of failure
Network mapping
Network enumeration
Open port