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This user wishes well to all who may come across this page.

Ichthus.svg This user is a Christian.
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This user is interested in the
history of Christianity.
This user is interested in Judaism.
Dome 1.jpg This user believes in the separation of church and state. ReligionSymbolAbr.PNG
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WikiProject U.S. Presidents
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art history.
Tribar.png This user enjoys optical illusions, especially the impossible constructions of M.C. Escher.

This user enjoys music by
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Tchaikovsky.jpg This user loves Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.
Applications-ristretto.svg Warning! This user functions at a sub-optimal level before their morning coffee.

This user believes Wikipedia should be neutral and unbiased. "Just the facts, Ma'am."

And not just the facts, but all the facts pertinent to the issue at hand: "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth." Verifiable, of course!  ;-)
And no smothering the simple facts with true but irrelevant blankets of obfuscations!
This user believes Wikipedia should never resort to chucking anything down Orwell's memory hole. Ever!
We shouldn't be trying to control the past, present, or future, but recording the facts as accurately and succinctly as humanly possible.

This user appreciates that many decent human beings find Christianity absurd or distasteful.

Therefore she will answer any questions posed to her but is not a salesperson of religion.

This user wishes she could get those user boxes to stack instead of splaying themselves across the page! <:(

This user thanks one sweet little puppy for fixing them!

This user is getting a kick out of referring to herself in the third person, but lacks the chutzpah to use the royal "we."

This user has an annoying habit of thinking

even when she should be working,
and yet can be inadvertently thoughtless.  :P

This user answers to "Grandma," and veges out at

Quotable Quotes[edit]

¡Yo tengo razón!

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” --John 8:32 Douay-Rheims Bible

“A gullible person believes anything, but a sensible person watches his step." --Proverbs 14:15 GOD'S WORD® Translation (©1995)

“I confess that there are several parts of this Wikipedia project (Oh, wait--was that Constitution?) which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure I shall never approve them. For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged, by better information or fuller consideration, to change opinions, even on important subjects, which I once thought right but found to be otherwise." --Benjamin Franklin to the Constitutional Convention, 1787

On government:

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." --Lord Acton, re. papal infallibility, 1887

"Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time." --Winston Churchill to the House of Commons, 1947

"Conservative, n: A statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal who wishes to replace them with others." --Ambrose Bierce


"Most everybody's asleep in Grover's Corners. There are a few lights on. Shorty Hawkins down at the depot has just watched the Albany train go by. And at the livery stable, somebody's staying up late and talking. Yes, it's clearing up. There are the stars doing their old, old crisscross journeys in the sky. Scholars haven't settled the matter yet, but they seem to think there are no living things up there. Just chalk ... or fire. Only this one is straining away, straining away to make something of itself. The strain is so bad that every sixteen hours everyone lies down and gets a rest.

"Eleven o'clock in Grover's Corners. You get a good rest, too." --Thornton Wilder, Our Town, 1938

Contact me: Jane Crofut@The Crofut Farm; Grover's Corners; Sutton County; New Hampshire; United States of America; Continent of North America; Western Hemisphere; the Earth; the Solar System; the Universe; the Mind of God. (That's in my town, of course, next door to Wilder.)