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I'm Yosheeck, know also as Yosh from Kemu. I'm a friendly person :) I have few minor edits in wikipedia. I live in Poland, but at the moment I spend most of my time in Southampton (UK). I'm software developer, working a lot with C/C++ code, loving QT, enjoying node.js/PHP/webGL and modern web technologies.

My sites[edit]

  • My personal blog/site on Yosh Kemu Personal website
  • I'm the co-owner of - Kemu Studio - company devoted to high quality of the software development.
  • and - which is a collection of simple web-based calculators for various things in various categories like health (e.g. Body-Mass-Index, calories), taxes, deposits income, loan cost, IP address calculator and a lot more...
  • Zielona Góra W Sieci - is an "undeground", "unofficial" site of my home city Zielona Góra (means "Green Hill" in english).