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Introducing Yozzer66
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On Wikipedia and elsewhere, the celebral output of Yozzer66 is straddled by two different personas:

  • The Odious Oracle, a self-appointed arbitrator of good taste in music, film, books and the art of football.
  • The Red Ramrod, a liberal Christian, a Marxist humanist and an 'organic intellectual' continually politically engaged but striving to remain reflective at the same time.

For current projects see:

The Cerebral Universe of Yozzer66:

Popular Music From 1954[edit]

Home to Presley, Cash, Orbison, Perkins & Lewis

(a) The Odious Oracle's Fav Musical Styles 1954 - 74:

  • (i) Rockabily
  • (ii) Girl Groups
  • (iii) Folk Revival
  • (iv) Southern Soul
  • (v) The British Invasion
  • (vi) Folk Rock
  • (vii) Psychedelic Rock
  • (viii) Country Rock
  • (ix) Singer Songwriter
  • (x) Glam Rock

(b) The Odious Oracle's Fav Musical Styles 1975 - 95

  • (i) British Pub Rock
  • (ii) Punk & New Wave
  • (iii) Post-Punk
  • (iv) Ska Revival
  • (v) Indie Rock / Pop
  • (vi) Alternative Rock
  • (vii) Alternative Rap & Trip Hop
  • (viii) Alternative Country Rock
  • (ix) Neo-Psychedelia
  • (x) Brit Pop


  • (a) Film Noir
  • (b) Alfred Hitchcock
  • (c) British Cinema 1940 - 65:

(i) Key Directors - David Lean, Carol Reed, Michael Powell. (ii) Key Genres - Ealing Comedy, Hammer Horror, New Wave

  • (d) Contemporary Cinema

European Art, Literature & Classical Music[edit]

  • Fav Music (other than Mozart & Beethoven):

(i) Baroque (esp. Handel & Bach) (ii) National (esp. Dvorak & Bartok)

  • Fav Literature (other than Austen & Dickens):

(i) Romantic Poets (esp. Blake & Shelley) (ii) Russian Realism (esp. Dostoyevsky & Tolstoy)

  • Fav Art (other than Turner & Monet)

(i) Post-Impressionism (esp. Cezanne & Van Gogh) (ii) Fauvism (esp. Matisse & Derain)

Religion & Philosophy[edit]

Antonio Gramsci
  • (a) Pre-Enlightenment Christian Radicalism:

(i) The Apostle Paul (ii) Joachim of Fiore (iii) Fra. Dolcino (Franciscan) (iv) John Ziska (Taborite) (v) Muntzer (Anabaptist) (vi) Winstanley (Digger)

  • (b) Protestant Theology

(i) Arminianism (ii) English Dissenters (iii) The Seekers - 'Free Christians' - Quakers & Unitarians (iv) General Baptists - Baptist New Connexion - Baptist Union (v) Methodist Lay Revivalist Movements esp. the Primitives and the Independent Methodist Connexion

  • (c) Post-Hegalian Radicalism (1):

(i) Existentialism (ii) Christan Existentialism (iii) Marxist Existentialism

  • (d) Post-Hegalian Radicalism (2):

(i) Marxism (ii) Marxian Humanism (iii) Liberation Theology

  • (e) Freudianism
  • (f) Ecologism

Public Policy[edit]

  • (a) Environment & Public Transport
  • (b) Social Housing
  • (c) State Education
  • (d) Mental Health
  • (e) Corporate Responsibility & Employment Policy
  • (f) Co-operatives & the Social Economy
  • (g) Fair Trade & World Development
  • (h) Animal Welfare

Industrial Relations[edit]

Marxists in academic IR (UK): Victor L. Allen, Richard Hyman, & John E. Kelly.

History & Politics[edit]

  • (a) The Historical Jesus
  • (b) Christian Political Radicals & the European Reformation
  • (c) Marxist Historians
  • (d) The Rise of Capitalism, Nationalism & their contradictions
  • (e) British Imperialism & Decolonisation
  • (f) European Labour Movements & Socialism
  • (g) Fascism, Resistance & WWII
  • (h) Revolution, Dissident Marxism & Comparative Communism

Local History[edit]

West Derby (hundred) of Lancashire:

  • Liverpool: Grandparents and parents birthplace.
  • Billinge: My birthplace.
  • Ashton-in-Makerfield: My pre-school years.
  • St Helens: My father's workplace for 30+ years.
  • Huyton: My formative years.
  • Skelmersdale: Nearest town to the prison of my adolescence (Parbold)
  • Burscough: Next nearest town.
  • Ormskirk: Secondary school

Central & Northern Potteries, North Staffordshire:

  • Hanley: My first and second workplaces after graduating.
  • Northwood: The first home of my own.
  • Burslem: My first football season ticket (Port Vale F.C.)
  • Tunstall: My wife and stepdaughter's home before we got together.
  • Sneyd Green: Our family home.
  • Smallthorne: The location of my son's primary school and my pub quiz team (Green Star Lions, North Staffs Sunday League Div. 1).


Liverpool Pier Head

Local Loyalties:

(i) Everton F.C. (Est. 1878) Goodison Park, Liverpool
(ii) Tranmere Rovers F.C. (Est. 1884) Prenton Park, Birkenhead
(iii) Port Vale F.C. (Est. 1876) Vale Park, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent
(iv) Burscough F.C. (Est. 1946) Victoria Park, Burscough, Lancs
(v) Prescot Cables F.C. (Est. 1884) Valerie Park, Prescot, Merseyside


(vi) Skelmersdale United F.C. (Est. 1882) A.T. Stadium, Skelmersdale, Lancs

My Post-War Footballing Artists:
(i) The Magical Magyars (early - mid 1950s) esp. Jozsef Bozsik (Right Half) of Budapesti Honved.
(ii) The Czechoslovakian side (early 1960s) esp. Josef Maspust (Left Half) of Dukla Praha.
(iii) The 'Total Football' Dutch (the 1970s) esp. Johan Cruyff (Centre Forward) of Ajax Amsterdam.



Fav Destinations abroad:

  • Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czech Republic
  • Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary
  • Flag of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands
  • Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland