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Edwin Ganz (Zurich, 1871 - Meise, 1948) was a Swiss-Belgian painter, known for his depictions of horses and militaria.



Emiel Edwin Ganz, was the only child of photographer and watercolor artist Julian Ganz (+ 1892) and Edith Herringen (+1925). His grandfather Johannes was a painter as well and a lithograph artist.

Ganz spoke German, French and English.

In 1886, Ganz entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, the city where the family lived at the time. Later, after de death of his father, he lived in Schaarbeek. From From 1902 onward, he was allowed to stay in Bouchout Castle, Meise. His later years, Ganz spent in bad health, poverty and loneliness.

Ganz studied with Blanc-Garin and had an apprenticeship with Edouard Detaille.


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