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Hello. Apparently I have been around since December 2004. I have had a user since April 2005.

See also: Ysangkok on the Danish Wikipedia, on Commons, Wikinews and Wikibooks.

Delete 2002 Tampa plane crash.

fix sorting List_of_hospitals_in_Thailand

To update[edit]

Next Generation Nuclear Plant (SC-HTGR 2015 construction permit)

Portal:Spaceflight/Spaceflight news/2015 archive

Portal:Energy/Energy news

Translate: Research Institute of Atomic Reactors, de:Euratom-Versorgungsagentur (Euratom Supply Agency), Mining and Chemical Combine

Special:Contributions/2003:71:CF50:2440:1DAD:83F9:B335:6907 Special:Contributions/2003:71:CF36:C782:6DA2:496D:BCB:D131 Special:Contributions/ Special:Contributions/

Check out mediawikiwiki:Extension:Graph/Interactive Graph Tutorial

make article for "de:Störerhaftung"

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Flight sim[edit]

Favorite planes: MD-87, Dassault Falcon 50

New pretty scenery: