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The table above has links to various tutorials and resources which can help in the creation of Wikipedia maps from digital georeferenced data (GIS).

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Tasks to do:
  • Under construction: Geography of China-en.svg ; Today provinces (py;wg;zh-cn).svg ; China-742 Topo.png ; Taiwan-transports-en.svg
  • Current stubs: China-1900-en.svg
  • Need deletion:

Useful stuff[edit]

Visual layout of the MediaWiki database schema, I use this one a lot
In-text templates
Templates Aliases Example
{{Harvard citation no brackets}} {{harvnb}} Smith 2006, p. 25
{{Harvard citation}} {{harv}} (Smith 2006, p. 25)
{{Harvard citation text}} {{harvtxt}} Smith (2006, p. 25)
{{Harvcolnb}} Smith 2006:25
{{Harvcoltxt}} Smith (2006:25)
{{Harvcol}} (Smith 2006:25)
{{Harvard citations}} ({{harvs}}) John Smith (2006, 2007) (and many other forms).
{{Shortened footnote template}} {{sfn}} Article text.[1]
  1. ^ Smith 2006, p. 25.
{{Sfnp}} Article text.[1]
  1. ^ Smith (2006), p. 25.
{{Sfnm}} Article text.[1]