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I'll redesign this later. In the meantime here's some basic information on me.

  • Name: Y|yukichigai
  • From: Middle of Nowhere, Nevada
  • Age: 24 (or thereabouts)


Aside from halting the spread of Content Authoritarianism on Wikipedia, I'm interested in:

  • Science Fiction:

Other Ramblings[edit]

You may want to check out the page on my personal viewpoints and positions on various Wikipedia-esque things.

I mod. I've made mods for most of the PC games I've played. They all tend to have the word "Shifter" in the name, which I "liberated" (read: stole) from the Shifter mod by emo1313 for Starsiege: Tribes. Anyway, as such my main focus with games is (after I've beaten them) how much you can change them using the built-in gamescript/etc. You'll probably notice that most of my contributions to articles on Video Games here are to the mod section or mod-related information, as that is what I usually know more about for a given game.

Points of interest/General things to remember[edit]

  1. As an editor, I have a weakness when it comes to text lengths. Specifically, I'm horrible at working within a word limit... on the first draft at least. You may notice that I do a huge information dump on an article and then slowly edit out the unnecessary bits. Believe me, if I could remove the unnecessary stuff before writing it down, I would. I try to keep this to a minimum and streamline things quickly. If I'm not being quick enough, tell me (I can always move the draft to my user space and trim it down there), but better yet, help me. I can't promise I won't disagree with some of what you do, but hey, that's what Wikipedia is about: consensus and compromise. We'll find a middle ground, if'n one of us (probably you) doesn't make it clear to the other one (probably me) exactly how wrong they are.
  1. Just because a bunch of Administrators say they're going by consensus doesn't mean they're actually going by consensus. Admins can be wrong, just like anybody else. Just because the community has decided a user is responsible enough to be an Admin doesn't make them infallible. Remember, arguing with an admin (civilly) will never get you banned. (Barring an abuse of power, which will probably get the banning admin de-admin'd)
  1. "Neutral Point of View" doesn't always mean "uncontroversial". I am consistently surprised at how many people hate the Race and crime article on sheer concept alone. Extremists and seemingly rational editors on both sides hate it because it doesn't reflect "the truth", or because it isn't politically correct. Just a reminder: WP:NPOV means that no side gets preferential treatment, even if you find one of those sides morally reprehensible.