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What I do at Wikipedia[edit]

I'm here to help develop webpages in which i have either a special interest or particular knowledge about, exploiting my geographical and cultural situation

But very mailnly I hope to contribute with Images and Diagrams, which my training and experience in graphic design have permited me to make

Personal History, schooling and career[edit]

Real Name: Luis Javier Rodriguez Lopez Born in Mexico, 1982

Studied a Licenciatura (Major) in marketing at the UCEM Have attended many courses in both marketing, art and design

My career has been mainly in the field of graphic design and advertising

Why do I contribute at the english and not the spanish wikipedia[edit]

Because like it or not English is a language studied and understood throughout most of the world, specially in middle to high social classes which are the ones with better access to the internet and thus is understandable by the majority of people on the web, besides Wikipedia English is the most complete of the wikipedias in the languages I manage

My interests[edit]

Im particularily interested in the following topics

But in a more general manner I'm interested in almost everything, so if you've got an Illustration or a Diagram youy need for any article, contact me

My Image and diagrams contributions[edit]

If you think there is a mistake in one of them or you would like me to help you with something in particular contact me

My Article and translation contributions[edit]

This user is a translator and proofreader from Spanish to English on Wikipedia:Translation.
MX This user comes from the
United Mexican States.
And he/she's proudly Mexican.

My shortcuts[edit]


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My username is the same as here

E.mail me at my user name