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Attention Query API users:

The Query API is replaced by the official API. It is completely disabled on Wikimedia projects!

General Information[edit]

This is the official manual for using Query API.

Related Bugs[edit]

  • 208 - API for external access
  • 6277 - Modify database tables: add revision length to revisions table; add change in length (delta) to the recentchanges table.
  • 6440 - Change indexes on pagelinks, templatelinks, and imagelinks tables to considerably optimize several queries.
    Note: both of the above database changes are discussed at proposed db schema changes page.


This project started as an IRC discussion between Yuri Astrakhan, Tim Starling, and Daniel Kinzler. Tim gave a huge kick-start by implementing the very first property. Later, Yuri has implemented numerous queries and formats, and is currently maintaining this feature. As of July 1st, 2006, Query API receives over 275,000 requests per day.

Initially all of Query API code was developed using an excellent text editor Notepad++, but on July 1st NuSphere kindly donated PhpED - an IDE for PHP with advanced debugging and profiling capabilities. I am very grateful to NuSphere for their support.