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I'm a hacker. I love being a member of the Wikipedia community, and even if I disagree with certain processes, I will always try to be courteous to others, especially to newcomers. I hope to someday become an admin, so I'm trying to expand my horizons by engaging in parts of Wikipedia with which I'm unfamiliar, as well as performing my normal edits. I'm primarily a newpage patroller and vandal-fighter, but I also help newbies and participate in deletion discussions on the side. Feel free to edit my user page as you see fit, since this is a wiki; I'm terribly utilitarian and don't have a knack for aesthetics.

Favorite Policies[edit]

Wikipedia is free content
Neutral point of view
What Wikipedia is not
Deletion Policy

Favorite Guidelines[edit]

Conflicts of interest
Manual of Style
Deletion process
Be bold
Don't bite the newbies!



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